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Global Indigo Community

by Madison Walzberg
(Clovis, CA, USA )

I am 17 year old girl, have been a healer since my mom taught me as a kid, and have been learning of my destiny. At 10 years old my 2 grandmas passed away and one has been my guardian angel ever since. I can talk to spirits and if I let them I can hear them too. I have to keep myself very well protected from the outside energies with white light because they sit on my back and make me feel like I'm being watched.

I try to keep my experiences hidden because I feel as though others will find me crazy... Like I'm sure many of us feel. Why can't we all just find each other and be an indigo community with no secrets? Perhaps create a world web of information for the global indigo community where everyone can be who they really are and not the masks they hide behind? Why do we need to fit in the box of the norm, when none of us are? We need to share are knowledge, experiences, and intuitions so we can help the world in its coming change. We need to help the next generation because, hopefully, our life will not be spent with the world fully on our shoulders. And at one time or another, the weight will be lifted and we will be able to see the fruit of our efforts.

Maybe one day I will look at this valley and see a lush forest that we do not destroy but co-exist with, instead of the desert that is here today!

Please help me so I may help you turn our world into the world it is meant to be and not the world our fathers have made it!!!

Love, the weird girl who dares to step outside the box, Madison.

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Aug 29, 2012
I'm sorry, I didn't know there were comments!
by: Madison

Please e-mail me! or or

My vision is not simply a vision, it is a profiecy that will one day become a reality that is a community that becomes the world! We must do this, it is our reaponsibility!

Aug 23, 2012
23 year old indigo
by: jordan symonette

i just started learning about my true indigo origins and as i learn more it all comes together. however the more i learn the more i feel alone because NOBODY in my life is like me. honestly im a 23 year old dude sitting @ my computer in tears because i want to be around all of you. im so tired of this ignorant an evil world. we need to make a change. please i feel so alone i need all of you! my email is an my personal # is 631 639 9281 someone please get in touch i need you all. #soAlone

May 24, 2012
See You In 5D
by: Nathan

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Always knew I was different, unexplained visions from an early age, socially awkward and so on. Anyway I’ve visited this site to hopefully make contact with others indigos in the same situation (not knowing anybody else who is an indigo). So feel free to email at will Nathy2k7 @

Feb 27, 2012
I see your amazing vision
by: Angelica-J

I am with you on this one I am a healer and have always been one from around five i was able to read crystals the energy and stories and knowledge they held, the older i got the more i tried to develop myself (luckily i had a supportive mother who knew this area of our world and could help me through) i have constantly warm hands and can pin point a strangers or loved ones aliment if giving the opportunity. I am genuinely so happy that you know you have purpose at 17 im 21 and that gives me hope that i know of someone who is standing for i dream i hold as well its reassuring. I want to step out side the norm and stay out there in this day and age nothing really is TOO strange we have free speech can do what we wish "mostly" have equal rights and yet why is it that when i express my belief and what i believe in that its is more bizarre then anyone else's religion and beliefs ?!
So Maddison, I am Angelica and its really nice to know you are so clever to be who you are. I'll stand beside you in changing our world.. I'm proud of you

Nov 23, 2011
I agree...
by: Another 17 year old Indigo

I agree! It makes us feel so alone because quote "there's no one like me i am so alone." If we did create a group of indigo's imagine all the knowledge and experience and acceptance and love one would start to feel I dont really like it being a self-taught voyage it leaves room for too many mistakes. Also It would help the world accept us because instead of one we would now be many taking a stand and not being withdrawn from one another IS A FABULOUS IDEA WE NEED TO DO THIS IT IS IMPORTANT FOR FUTURE INDIGO S BEING BORN AND OUR POSTERITY!!!!

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