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Good Night, NOT Good Bye!

by Marie

Good Night Ouija

Good Night Ouija

When I was 14, my mom and a friend were messing around with my Ouija board. I felt it was a game at the time, but we lived in a house that had a lot of spirit activity. I knew that because I had experienced it many times as I was growing up.

I wanted to see if we could get any responses but my mom was fooling around and making it say stuff like it was my great great grandfather. I was going to say good bye gramps when it was time for bed. The thought flashed through my mind, but I did not say it.

I got up to go to bed but my mother still had ONE finger nail on the board. She had this nail that was really, really long that she was trying to see how long it would grow before it broke off.

The planchette started to move and said Good Night, NOT Good bye. I freaked out because no one else knew what it meant but me. I had thought good bye but had not said it. It was like a message to me that it was not the last I had heard from this spirit whoever it was!

I was so scared I took the Ouija out to the trash and have never messed with one since. I learned my lesson that they are not something to be messed with because they are truly portals and not toys.

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Aug 20, 2016
Door ways not portals
by: Ms Starr

The best thing to do is to not invite them in. What you did was open a door to let them in. Problem is you not only let the good in you let the bad. You did the right thing by get ride of the board. But now you need to announce that you don't want them there. Before you go to bed say a prayer, asking that you to be blessed and guarded by angels. This normally works. But remember they can't hurt you, they can frighten you. You knowing they are there is a plus. I wish you luck.

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