Greek Indigo

by Dimitrios
(Athens, Greece)

I will become 22 in August, the first thing I learned from all the stuff that I found were the Indigo Children ... moved by Indigo Children from Maynards Puscifer. I was with a friend that time and I don’t know why I asked him about them, but it was like something else that instantly from nothing brought thoughts in my mind. It was just before my trip to Boom festival at Portugal (electronic dance music culture) .. Coincidence?? There I learned about a lot more things that also moved my mind and my spirit and when I returned I started practising a lot of things.

I can't tell you my whole story :P but I have to tell you that that there are awesome coincidences happening around me all the time. There are a lot of people there are close to me and I only now started to change personalities and beliefs!!!

Really the only thing that holds me back from totally believing lots of things is Christianity. I was raised as an Orthodox and went to a Christian school (I left at high school).

I was born in 1990 and I read that the spiritual awakening began at 1990 (Flower of Life).Then I read about DNA evolution that started at '88-'90. OMG the things I want to share are too many!

Anyway, I have to tell you that I was never a good reader, I’m dyslectic and when I was a kid I went to a psychology centre or something. I had years of therapies with sound and meds.. I learned that treatment to indigos is not good and it is something happens usually.

Well, I’m a painter and I’ve done some awesome pieces without training, I’m playing piano by myself and also right electronic music and all of this sudden!! I had some experiences while meditating or just walking or talking. Once I flew out of my body into a spiral tunnel. It was a little bit dark and I got scared and returned back!

Another time I laid at my bed and just when closed my eyes I saw a tree going out from the right wall for 3 secs or something. Some times when I’m walking or talking to someone I feel like I’m in my body but the body is not me and I hear everything like I’m shut in a box.

When I was younger I remember that I sometimes though in my mind that someone was about to make an action or talk, and then that person did it. Could this be a coincidence? I don’t know, I felt crazy then.

I started shamanic experiences every month (still going on as a Christian :D) but the shaman touched me and told me that my consciousness is strong and I have to get myself to the ground again by doing stuff that I have the time to do.

I feel lots of things, but other things holds my feeling back!

Please forgive my poor and wrong English; it is not my native language.

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May 04, 2012
Great Story.
by: Zakatachi

I liked your story. I can relate with many things you have said and again not. It's great to have people around you to support your true self, which I have lost. Stay true to yourself and make the world shine with your inner light!

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