Guessing Time

by Jackie
(New Jersey)

I've always been into spiritual beliefs, and psychic phenomenon, but never really had a certain religion to stick to. I'm 16 years old and I believe in various aspects of each religion. Lately I've been trying to connect with my inner self on a spiritual level. I believe that everyone is born able to do these things; it's just that some people are really connected with their gifts. You just have to work on them.

So anyway, I've been meditating and starting out with little things to start bringing my energies up, and opening my chakras. I haven't really noticed anything just yet while meditating, but out of the state and into reality, I've been realizing little things starting to pop out to me.

Three times so far I have guessed what time it was without looking at the clock. The first time wasn't so odd; I guess I was thinking it was a lucky guess. The second time really got me.

Okay, the first time I was at the mall with my friend. We got tickets for an 8:20 movie and were sitting at the food court having dinner. I asked her what time it was so we don't miss the movie, and she told me to guess. I remember concentrating for a second, and then guessed 7:53. I wasn't so surprised when it was right, and apparently, neither was she. In fact, her younger sister does this all the time. She can guess multiple times in a day and it would be right. But her younger sister isn't fascinated with any of it and doesn't believe it’s a gift.

The second time was today, at school. I decided to try again, just for fun. (it was math class, who wouldn't be distracted!) I predicted it was 10:40, and sure enough, I looked at the clock and it was the right time. The last time was after I took notes. I wasn't counting how many minutes went by, and really just wanted to leave. This time I predicted 10:49, right again. I've heard of this happening before, but never have actually experienced this until practicing with my inner abilities.

Also, today while I was in Chemistry class, the number 7 popped into my head for no apparent reason whatsoever. No number 7 on the board, in the chapter, or anything I was learning at the moment. Later on, the teacher was demonstrating something with a pool table ball, and it had the number 7 on it!

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