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Hard Indigo Lives

by Christina

I always knew I was different. I have been struggling with my ''strangeness'' since I was a little girl. I am too my mature for my age. I had a rough time as a child, my mother a control freak that never listens, and my father never cared, their divorce, my sister with drugs, and by that time, I had to deal with people making fun of me. I couldn't find myself (and still can't) and I was a complete chaos inside. I would wear a mask, every single day, and still not fit in.

But I always had the reassurance inside of me that I was special. My dream, wasn't to be a princess or a ballerina, but was to save the world, somehow. I thought that I was just a child starving for attention, and I kept my dream and hope, locked, even though there was a voice telling me, that I was going to make it somehow.

I discovered I was an Indigo last week, and it made me feel I found my purpose. When that lady told me that I was meant to help the world, I felt I found my purpose, all that waiting and suffering found a response. All that questions I had, like why everything was happening for me, why I was different, and why I had that big need to help others and the world etc. found an answer, and now I am sure. If not me and you, then who?

Of course, my life hasn't changed since I found out, and there many things that make me some times be negative and believe things aren't going to change. But I know, I will just have to be patient. I am not a psychic (I a not sure, but I think I haven't experienced anything yet) but I have faith.

Christina (indigo 14) Cyprus

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