Hayley David

by Heavenly Connected

Hi Katie,
I'm very glad you enjoyed your reading with Hayley. Her mobile number is 0410 947 496, & I've cc'ed a copy of this email to her, so her email address should show up as well.
Thanks for your feedback, it's always nice to hear about how the readings can change peoples lives for the better.
Have a great day, with best wishes, Merv :-)

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 5:37 PM
Subject: finding a specific Psychic

Dear Merv,
My name is Katie Engel and I recently went to the Melbourne Mind, body and spirit exhibition on the long weekend starting June 8. When I was there I saw a young Psychic by the name of Hailey David (may be spelt differently). Seeing Hailey definitely changed my life. I would really like to see her again, but I haven’t been able to locate her contact details. I was wondering if you would have a number or and email address I could contact her on? This would be much appreciated. Thankyou for putting together such an event, I’m sure my life wasn’t the only one changed. Thanks again. Katie

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