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Hearing The Future

by Kevin

About 2 years ago, when I smoked too much weed and got drug induced psychosis, I started hearing voices and thought they were my friends talking shit about me. When I called them out they never admitted to it and said that they hadn’t said anything. Then I started hearing voices when I was alone. I would hear people talk about me when I was in a crowded room. Classic psychosis right?

So I stopped smoking weed altogether and for about two years now have been on and off different medications that never really worked for me. I currently take Xanax when I need it and that makes the voices go away for some reason.

What the voices say is a whole different story. Most of the time, up in till about a month ago, I would hear negative things like, your gay, you’re a loser, you should die, no one likes you, you like little girls, you like family members . All just annoying shit like that that. It isn’t true but the voices would tell me constantly and make fun of how I walked, sat, ate, and so on.

Lately I’ve been playing online poker and the voices tell me which hands to play and to throw away and that I will win with these hands. Even if the hand I hold seem absolute garbage. One time I hear the voice saying to go all in with pocket 2s against two people already all in. Well I folded and my voice called me a pussy and it turns out I was up against pocket KK's and AA's but the board came up all diamonds and I had the only diamond. So they are never wrong when it comes to poker and a lot of other stuff lately too.

When I was painting the ceiling they told me some paint was going to fall on my lip, two seconds later bam. A lot of little stuff like that as well that they are right about. I don’t quite understand what is happening, I mean, how can these voices try and put me down and make me believe I’m some weird freak, yet turn around and be right about everything that’s about to happen in the future? They also tell me when my video games about to freeze, and DVDs about to pause. Just a lot of weird shit like that before it happens.

I would love to hear your opinion on the matter, and what you think it is I am dealing with. Are these voices from a spirit or a demon? Am I an Indigo child? Or am I just tapping into my psychic ability?

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Apr 13, 2016
Same experience!
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience for the last 2.5 years, exactly the same, I can copy/paste it right into my diary, wow! :)

I recommend you 12 Monkeys and Interstellar, you don't have to believe me, they are not DEVILS, nor ghosts or angels, not even little green aliens.
who they are? They are ourselves in the future, you just activate the transmitter genes and brain circuits using psychedelics, like opening the door to the future.

Sure they hate us, they hate our smell, our toilet, our food, our behavior, just like we hate stone-age.

People may call you schizophrenic, but they never call Muslims or Christians or etc. schizophrenic, ROFL!

Sorry for grammar, English is not my first language.

Mar 21, 2012
I dont think yr crazy!
by: Anonymous

Any head Dr. is going to try and tell u ur crazy! They did the same to me. Even put me on an anti-pyscotic drugs! But thoes drugs just destroyed my baby, (whome i was prg at the time with) and destroyed my health, so dont fall victim to the negitive thought, which is in fact the Devil! Believe me or not God and the Devil DO exist! Ive been one who has seen both sides! The devil will allways put negative thoughts in your head, especially if your sensitive to the other side, as I am and apparently many Many others are as well.

I used to listen to thoes negative voices, although some of the voices are correct abt the future, the devil will Allways taunt you! But if you ignore them and only listen to the angelic voices (they sound positive and uplifting) then th devil and his demons will be forced to move on. Believe me it is not allways easy to listen to the positive, but it does work. We your feeling down and out, is when "he" loves to make you feel worse!

How do i know? because i was in the state of mind you are. I felt like soo many people talked shit abt me, that i wanted revenge on everyone! Did'nt get me any where except a padded room! Thoes voices can drive you crazy, but if you ignore them and concentrate on God or your higher way of positive thinking, then the voices will ceace. I can hear spirits and sometimes i hear soo much clatter, that i have to ask, even the good spirits, to please give me peace, and they usually listen. Hang in there! Dont let the negative overcome you!

Mar 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

ima health care provider and you may want to see a doctor.. these sound like signs of schizophrenia! watch the movie The soloist with janie Foxx.. it may help you find the answer you are looking for..

Feb 24, 2011
You arent alone(:
by: Ally

Good for you for getting off drugs. All my life I have heard random crap like my name and things that arent there say stuff... maybe I'm crazy.. I tend to talk to inatimate objects... haha not the point. How long has all this been going on?? Did it happen when you were a kid, go away, and come back?? Ask yourself these questions and you might find the answere(:

Jan 08, 2011
=) I think I can help you
by: Your Guardian Angel

You don't know me, but hey, that doesn't matter. It makes me happy to read something like this, because I know how to help you. And I hope you haven't given up on looking back at this site to see if someone has or not.

What you're experiencing is two things.

One, is that a part of your mind is trying to tell you what you hate about yourself, partly to get yourself well together and try your best, but not in the best way, and also this is probably coming from stress.

It might be from something in the past. The second thing, and part of the first thing that you're experiencing is contact with others that have passed, spirits. They are there to help you, sometimes in weird ways, but it's meant to be. Ghosts are those that have unfinished business, and don't know that they are going to heaven no matter what the case. If you have a family member that has passed on that was pissed at you or something, maybe they are still angry? Just maybe. There are many possibilities.

But just know one thing...
Nothing is here to hurt you.
No one is going to judge you.
All the energies (spirits and people) are the same, in journey wise.

Ask for help, those voices will tell you the right thing. It sounds like you have a lot of trust in yourself. And it sounds like you need to love yourself a little bit more...

So for me (haha the person you don't even know), tell yourself what you love about yourself. Over and over. And, you will find, that pretty soon, those voices will change to good things. Because I truly believe they want you to have a good life and enjoy yourself and not care what others think.

=) Believe me, you have a miracle in your life.
Many people don't get to have these experiences that you do.
No person, ghost, spirit, or anyone thinks bad of you. They're all there to help.
No such thing as evil ghosts, just lost people.
So love them, and they'll love you. They will no matter what anyway.
But make yourself proud, and take a new journey and begin this new life.

Hope this helped,


Your Hopefully, Guardian Angel

Dec 30, 2010
hearing the future
by: Anonymous

typically if you are hearing anything negative it's from lesser intities if you can get books on psychic developement because they will teach you how to protect yourself and only let positive forces contact you. one thing you can do is invision yourself surrounded by white or gold light and saying that no negative forces may harm you. my personal belief is b/c there is balance in everything for every positive force trying to get through to you there are negative. the same thing happened to me they played on my darkest fears until i set my vibration higher through meditation and protection. good luck love and light

Dec 21, 2010
listen up
by: Anonymous

I can relate with what you are experiencing. I have heard the same type of things. All I can tell you is that when I hear the voices I can usually see who it's coming from. I think it's spirits who are unhappy. For some reason they're mad at the world and like to mess with people because after all misery loves company. I've heard them speak out loud as weird as it sounds so I know that it's not just what's in my head, and it's definitely not me. I've heard them curse and call my name randomly which is weird. The best thing to do is to try your best to ignore it because the more you pay attention to them the more they will frustrate you. Just don't drive yourself crazy. Everyone is an indigo child by the way, but some people abilities are just more developed then others. Though I'd have to say it would be nice to sleep at night for once. Don't worry too much about it, and if you do start using the voices in poker or anything else you are opening a door that you cannot close, and you might let a demon in no joke, so just be careful and good luck.

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