Heavily Armed Soldiers Uprising

by Alpana
(Mohali, India)

I dreamt this in January 2011. I found myself in a narrow lane, overflowing with people, running helter skelter.

There were huge traffic jam and lots of gun totting soldiers. They are all wearing helmets for protection and are heavily armed.

I was trying to find my way through the crowd and head home. I was trying to push my way through but was unable to do so.

Suddenly I saw this boy, whose father is known to me. He was standing there in the middle of the crowd with a confused look on his face. I do not know this boy personally and neither is he aware of my existence. I have seen his face only in a photograph.

The dream ended there.

However, now after a month I am reading about the disturbed situation in Middle East...... was this dream a premonition of the events to come?

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