Hecate's Cartomancy

by Jaleesa
(Saint Bernard, LA, USA)

Hecate in Maiden aspect

Hecate in Maiden aspect

Hecate in Maiden aspect Hecate in Mother aspect Hecate in Crone aspect This is me

Hello, my name is Jaleesa and I am a psychic medium, an empath, a devotee and priestess of the Goddess Hecate, and an eclectic Neo-Pagan witch. I have been a professional psychic for almost three years, been doing readings altogether for five years, and I have been a witch for about 12 years. I have been a Pagan for about four years.

August 15, 2013 is the Grand re-opening of my online psychic business, Hecate's Cartomancy. Currently I am just offering cartomancy readings, but I offer a variety of different kinds of reading through this particular method:

-Three Card Spread (general/topic: Past, Present, Future)
-Nine Card Spread (general/topic: Past, Present, Future -more in-depth)
-Horseshoe Spread (general/topic more in-depth)
-Gypsy Spread (general/topic detailed)
-One Card Spread (quick)
-Celestial Circle (general -very detailed 12-month overview)
-Past Life Reading

You can receive general readings, readings on a particular topic, or on a particular question(s).

My rate is $1 per minute, and I deliver all and request my money through email. For example: Say you want a three card spread general reading. I will do the reading while I have my stopwatch on. When I finish the reading, I will see how many minutes it took to do the reading and get the rate. I will send you an invoice through PayPal showing you the rate. If you agree with the amount you send the money either using your own PayPal account or credit/debit card. I only see your name and email address. Once I receive the money, I send you your reading. The only thing I require for my readings is your first birth name and your email address and what type of reading you would like. It's that simple.

Once you receive your reading, send me feedback through email and that's that. Eventually I will have a website set up, but all business will be conducted through email for the most part because its just simpler. I conduct all my readings by invoking the Goddess Hecate and channeling her energy.

If you are interested, please contact me @: priestess.of.hecate88@gmail.com

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