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Humanitarian Indigos

by John Marshall
(South Eastern United States)

I am almost twenty one years old and I am a Gemini-Cancer cusp. I fit the indigo description very well. I have had very profound feelings and experiences since I was a child.

I have felt throughout my life that I had some importance in the outcome of things in this world. I feel peace when in nature, and it almost gives me a sense of unity and like I am part care-taker of this planet. I also suffered melancholy in my teenage years, I think in part because I was not living up to my own expectations of myself (all around sinning, partying, drinking) and knew that I was not doing the RIGHT thing, that I was somehow spitting in the face of my creator by not being the best I could.

I have always felt(although I did not know at a young age) a connection with a higher source. I have not delved into enhancing my psychic abilities but I find myself very mentally active in my dreams, and I can sometimes make what I perceive, reality in those dreams; however I cannot say that I have the ability of foresight or foreknowledge for the simple fact that I don't practice or even pay attention to the fact. in recent years I have started taking more responsibility for my actions and noticing the direct impact of those actions, I try to tread lightly on this earth. I have a strong feeling I am indigo. I definitely am empathetic with others and I can decipher peoples actions as far as whether they're intentions are good/bad.

I need guidance, possibly from another indigo as to how to use this gift. ANY info, guidance, clarity, is appreciated.

As an Indigo, how do I better the world and myself?

-much love, peace, and unity.


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