I am indigo

by Yonna
(Dadeville AL USA)

I have been different all my life,I was a sexually and mentally and physically toddler and child. I married and I let him take my beautiful children from me, I became the rug, doormat, and stupid, crazy person that he said many times. That I was, I gave him THE power.

I have always been intrigued by spirituality, by the unknown, and by Angel card reading, which I don't do, by a purpose to my life, I have a yearning that is overwhelming to do something about inhumanity I want to help people, to find out why I was put on this earth.

I feel that I'm a reincarnation of an indigo, that I was sent to this childhood, of abuse and turmoil and to this adulthood of self hate, and of yearning to find out why I have to suffer such torment of hating my job and my life of not fitting in, of not feeling fulfilled, my heart yearns to be a light worker and to help humanity and to help bring indigos into the light.

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