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I Often Dream Snakes & Horses

by Roxana

I've had more dreams with snakes. Like a want to go somewhere, I'm walking on a street and there many snakes. It seems that they don't want to bite me but I'm so scared and I try to avoid them and don't step on them.

Or last days I dreamed that I have a snake in my bed who tried to bite me. It was scary because I sleep with my cat and when I woke up and I turned on the light, my cat was awake and she seemed frightened and looked as if seeing something in my bed.

Another common dream ...horses... beautiful white horses who are violent, restless and want to hit me. But I dreamed black violent horses too. It seems that they have a problem with me.

Because of these dreams I wake up tired and moody in the morning because I don't know what message is sending my subconscious.

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