Im An Indigo

by Bridget
(New Orleans, La)

I have always been a very sensitive to other beings since I was a child and as I grow older they become stronger; sightings, feelings and intuitions sometimes to the point I don't know how to control them or make them go away. I become so afraid of what I see and at first I thought I was crazy or something until someone else saw what I did too.

As a teenager I had a lot of rage and I discovered my issues with electrical things when I became angry. I've had many occasions where my light bulbs would blow up in any room I became angry enough in. Car radios turning weirdo on me etc. This part is not so bad anymore, I guess as I've gotten older I've learned to control my anger better.

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Sep 01, 2008
by: Anonymous

It sounds as if you have an ability to manipulative matter through your use of energy. In order to develop it through light and love, you must raise your vibratory level. Read up on psychic development. Develop your spiritual side, if you haven't already done so. Also, learn to shield yourself from lower entities that might be drawn to you.

I wish you Peace. Elaine S.

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