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Indigo Adults

by Erika
(Tampa (USA))

It’s hard to meditate

It’s hard to meditate

I just read your check list for indigo adults and I think that I may be one. I could identify with just about all twenty six things you listed.

I have always known I was psychic or at least somewhat psychic. It runs in my family, my mother is extremely intuitive and sees spirits. Psychic ability in my family goes back even further than Mother.

I have suffered with depression, yet with no one telling me, I came up with a theory that my depression wasn’t my own, and that I could just feel what other people were feeling and their emotions were weighing me down.

Lately certain things in my thoughts will stand out more than others and a second later those thoughts will manifest themselves.

I do find it extremely difficult to meditate and hush my mind. I have bought many books about meditation and psychic development from the time I was 17 till now yet they don’t really work for me. I just can not master meditating.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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Aug 07, 2010
Help Meditate
by: Anonymous


Instead of starting meditation right away, (also, some may try to meditate hoping to get an answer, which makes it harder to meditate when expecting an answer--so have no expectations), work on breathing exercises first.

Eg. find a quiet place where u will be free of distraction.
Notice ur breathing, in and out, etc.
I find when I get distracted w/ thoughts, feelings, etc., the best way for me is breathing exercises to calm me down.

So I would do something like this:
I would count from 1-10 in breath exercises
slowly breathe in, 1, breathe out
slowly breathe in, 2, breathe out
slowly breathe in, 3, breathe out...etc.

If there are distractions, simply accept them and tell urself u'll be back with them after ur meditation time.

B) besides breathing exercises, I find I tend to be more easily calmed for meditation at night time vs. meditating first thing in the morning.

These are just some points I found helpful for myself, and hope it may be for u too.

Good Luck!

Jan 13, 2009
I'm Just Glad I'm Not The Only One.
by: Devone C.

I can relate totally with everything that ya'll are saying. I have been having these systoms all my life and I just thought that something was wrong with me and that I wasn't normal. My emotions have always been to the extremes. Crying over sad movies or over people i didn't know was normal for me.

I also showed great empathy for others and animals too. I was raised in a house when I was very young where a lot of paranormal events took place. For example, cans falling rolling to the center of the room and standing up on their own. Another time my oldest brother was in his room and the door was closing shut on it's own and my uncles couldn't stop it from closing so they pulled him out. I was told that the house was haunted but now I'm starting to wonder if I had anything to do with these occurences. Like I said I was very young so I don't remember if I was doing this myself or not.

Later on, when I got a little older, we had to walk through a cemetary to go to the shopping mall because my mom didn't have a car at the time and I would always cover my eyes until we past through the graveyard. I had to be about 6 to 8 years old but I can't recall ever seeing any spirits or ghost.

As I got older I dealt with depression a lot. I had thoughts of killing myself but I would never do that. I just couldn't understand why I felt sad all the time. I did my best to hide it so my family didn't really know how I felt for a while. I smoked weed and drunk a lot to take away the pain but it only made it worse. I became more isolated as I got older. I wouldn't go out to clubs like normal people my age and stop being around my family less and less. A few years ago I went to get help at a mental health facility. They told me that I might have social anxiety because I told them whenever I was around alot of people I got really nervous and would even shake sometimes. They gave me some anti-depressant and anxiety pills which didn't help so I stop taking them.

I'm now 31 years old and I believe that I am a indigo adult because I can relate with almost all thoses descriptions. I recently been having some of the ascention physcial systoms and that's what brought me on this spiritual quest and that's how I found out about this page. A lot of strange things are happening lately and it would be nice to have someone walk me through this and to share thoughts with.

Dec 01, 2008
Different forms of Meditation
by: Anonymous

If you really are an indigo like I am, then you probably have trouble clearing your mind and concentrating. Try forms of meditation that make you focus and still allow your mind to be active.

For example, the Merkaba meditation from the Flower of Life is short, powerful, and allows you to focus your mind and intention and is more difficult to be distracted by. Focusing on clearing the aura through colors is another option. Visualization allows you to clear your thought, find peace, but still helps with people with active thought processes.

Mar 27, 2008
by: Anonymous

Try seeing your thoughts in a bubble and let them drift off.

Oct 24, 2007
I understand
by: Anonymous

I very much want to post my own experience(s) and things happening in my own life on this site VERY soon, just now finding it - but it's late and I would like to gather my thoughts and try and put it together well. However, since I am not doing that tonight - I felt compelled, literally compelled to respond to you - while not with an answer, to let you know that I relate so very much. Though the term "Indigo" is somewhat new to me, new over the course of the past year or 2 - I am, beyond a shadow of a doubt, sure that I am in Indigo or variation thereof. I have been "different" since I was a very young child. When asking my mother later in life why she allowed me to do certain things - she responded "you had wings - you always had wings - and I couldn't stop you from flying." I wasn't sure what that meant until a few years ago. My spirit is so very much different than others. What I'd like to respond to is your difficulty meditating. I too have this problem, and I am suffering from it - true suffering, because I believe that thru mediation, so much more of who I am, where I come from and what I am capable of can be achieved, yet like you - I have never been able to quiet my mind long enough to go into a meditative state. My frustration, other than that, which is huge - is that no matter how much research I seem to do information that I try and seek out - I can't seem to find a mentor, a group or center nearby (Orlando, FL) that either exists and/or is there without requiring payment or some kind. The entire concept of requiring payment (in dollars) actually conflicts with every single thing I have known innately since entering this planet and I am so very depressed about it. I have pleaded with people I have found online to please help me - please take me under their wing, please point me in the right direction - please put me in contact with local people that can help me, be a mentor, a teacher, a friend - a group of friends - help me acsend into who I have always been, yet seem to be blocked from 100% becoming - and I hit brick walls each time - everyone requiring payment. I believe meditation is the key in not only only growing with our abilities, innate knowledge, desire to know more and know why, to connect with all we know exists, all we are a part of --- and a higher level of self - yet, like you - I cannot achieve a meditative state. My heart goes out of to you - because if you are spiritually and emotionally suffering from this as much as I am - then you are truly suffering. For now - until I post on my own, I too will remain anonymous - but should you wish to talk about this, please message on myspace and in the subject line, please reference this - so I will know who you are and immediately read it.

Love & Light

Sep 30, 2007
I know...
by: Allysib

I understand exactly what you are going through.. I have gone through or am going through the same things! I have gone through so many ups and downs emotionally throughout my life. Including bouts of depression, I've recently learned that I am an empath and I was indeed picking up on the emotions of others. I'm in the beginning stages of learning how to have better control of them so I can decern whether they are my emotions or if I am picking them up.

I also have trouble staying focused when trying to meditate. I can be very frustrating, especially because I know that I should meditate. I think that a part of this comes from our natural lack of discipline. Most Indigo's aren't good at disciplining themselves. So it's hard to slow things down and discipline our minds. This is also something that I am working on. I feel that if I am able to master this... then I will be able to understand my abilities. I have found that it helps me to have another positive energy force with me.. like another Indigo. Unfortunately, I don't have one in my life at the moment, so I'm trying to go it alone.

One thing that has helped is meditate while driving. You are still aware of all that is going on with the road.. but have no music or talking in the car.. silence. And start by listing things that you're thankful for... then just let your mind go silent.. you will feel a joy and love that you've never felt before. And your mind is busy on the road so it won't be jumping around so fast.

I hope this helps!!

Much love,

Aug 22, 2007
The Zone
by: Anonymous

Perhaps instead of trying to sit still and meditate, you should try a sport, instead.
Many athletes, while mastering a sport, go into "the zone" a blissful place in which all thought leaves the mind, and only the action of the body takes over. Study up on this.
Another thing to try is martial arts, and study the meaning of Chi, as well as Yoga. Being indigo, if you are surrounded by people who are in a meditative state, you will find yourself slipping into one as well! A good way to learn!

Aug 20, 2007
A step-by-step way to slow your mind
by: ZorbaZiv

Hi Erika

You will need to find ways to slow your mind to an Alpha brain level frequency.

I have a quick step-by-step script for accessing your psychic state of mind with a free MP3 to download on this page:

(You may need to paste this full address into your browser window.)

Perhaps you will attract some other Indigo Adults in the Tampa area now you have a page on here.

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