An Indigo Career Choice Affirmation To Set You On The Right Path

This page includes content from multiple authors. I have verified and approved these submissions. – Ian Parkin

Build an Indigo career path affirmation structured to attract the opportunity for you to earn perfect pay, in a perfect way! Use your best traits to bring ideal work. 

You will undoubtedly relate to the Indigo personality traits of being intelligent and perhaps unqualified, creative and artistic, inquisitive, but with a short attention span, disaffected towards authority, sometimes depressed and feeling helpless, independent, empathy, emotional, perhaps rebellious to systems you consider broken or ineffective, apathetic, nontraditional, anti-totalitarian, meaningful path seeker, strong spiritual interests, psychic in one way or another, past life aware, and maturing with balance, developing a strong personality, health and happiness.

Best Indigo Career Choice Affirmation

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But how do you turn all that into an ideal indigo career path? In my past whenever I have found myself stalling at a work or business juncture I’ve stepped back, rested, and used an affirmation I found in a Louise Hay Affirmation card set many years ago - “I have a perfect work in a perfect way; I give perfect service for perfect pay.”  The original credit for this affirmation should go to Florence Scovel Shinn. 

The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn - by Florence Scovel Shinn 

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Keeping the traits, that you strongly resonate with, in mind I would suggest you re-work the affirmation to include some or all of them.

For instance, if you are spiritual, artistic, and fiercely independent you could try “I have perfect artistic work, I give my spiritual service in a perfect way, for perfect and independent pay”. Try it our for yourself. Here is a bit more help of structuring attractive affirmations.

My Best Indigo Career Choice Affirmation

I reworded my own affirmation to read: "I have the perfect job that I work in a perfect way; I give perfect service and receive perfect pay.”

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Comments About Your Indigo Career Choices

The page below includes content from multiple authors. I have verified and approved these submissions. – Ian Parkin

Careers for Indigo Adults - by Carly
I have recently discovered that I am an indigo. I'm a 24 year old Aries who is trying to figure out what I want to do in life. I am so lost. I'm trying to follow my heart. Any suggestions for the type of work someone like me might enjoy? It's all about the love!

No purpose by: Splashstorm
I was just told that I was an indigo. I have no idea what to do because I actually have a lot of disdain for humanity.... I believe that everything would be better off destroyed because otherwise pain will never end. I read that Indigos are supposed to raise the vibration of Earth and I know what needs to happen, but no one understands. They just see me as being hateful, but I want to end everything for the good of everything. So I don't know what to do for a career. I love animals and I'm a vegan. I want to get a good indigo career so that I can own lots of exotic pets, like large predators.

In Same Indigo Career Boat - by: Anonymous
Hey, I was scrolling through the comments and clicked on yours because I feel like we are in the same boat. I'm 23 and have paused my degree in law. Now that I have had an awakening I am reevaluating my whole entire life and existence. I am sure your are too. All I can tell you is, you have to do the thing that your soul longs for. What is the thing in life that you almost get a high from doing? I am sure it will probably fall in the line of Art. In society Art is not considered a "real" job. But you're an indigo and you can not listen to the world because you are not of the world. Literally listen to your heart. You have immense power that you can harness at any time to reach your big dream. NEVER STOP DREAMING! To not have a dream in your heart is to die on the inside.

Looking for Indigo Careers by: NEWSTAR
Hi guys I also just realized I was to an Indigo Adult. My 17 year old daughter brought it to me attention. She was studying indigo people as felt it embodied who her mom was. she shared her finding with me which lead to my own investigations and surely I am proudly a Indigo Adult. Learning the characteristics of an Indigo freed my trapped soul. For ages I suppressed who I was how I functioned and didn't quite understand me and people around me clearly had no clue. Now I see and I'm enlightened and walk freely in who I am . But I've seem to have run into a road block in looking for an ideal indigo career. I can do just about anything, I am extremely smart, but If it doesn't feel good to my soul I will not stick with it. Longest job was a phone company for 7 years in a call center environment which lead me t the psych ward. No I'm not crazy just misunderstood. They didn't understand my way, people don't understand my forgiveness, job don't understand why I won't B.S. our clients, its just not me. I do have four children to raise alone, yup husband left he didn't understand me either. What jobs can people with the freedom we have in ourselves do in such a limited boxed up world??

Looking For An Indigo Career Path

Looking For An Indigo Career Path - by Chris Lewis (Richmond Hill, (ON), Canada)

I'm not really into labeling, but let's just say if you are going to label me (or I'm going to label myself), I'd prefer indigo to attention deficit disorder, major depressive disorder or mentally handicapped or disabled. As far back as I can remember I felt different in some way (sucked at sports), couldn't even watch a sporting event never mind play sports.

I finally moved out of my mom's house at age 30 to start taking care of my self. I started having telepathic messages (so challenging to figure out what's just ego and what's your higher self talking!!) and peaceful states during meditation. There is a lot I have learned like to take responsibility for myself, not to blame people for my problems and to love myself and others unconditionally. I'm still not as good at any of these as I'd like to be, but that's just part of the process.

Right now, I'd like to find my career path but highly doubt that I will find it as a traditional "job", particularly since I have such difficulty in the competitive mainstream labor market. I would like to use what I have learned for the highest good, for me as well as others. I see myself combining different skills to create a fulfilling career. I do not see myself as becoming strictly a psychic, for instance, I want to take things a step further, such as helping people develop psychic abilities, but maybe using a traditional field such as counseling, or maybe something far out.

Right now, I know I have talents, I just can't see a way to use them to create a job or career. Career counseling has not helped, because there is still too much pigeonholing for my liking (maybe you should be a such and such). It interests me, but doesn't excite me.

Hello friend! - by: Hannah Cox
Hey Chris, it was quite interesting to know so much about you. You are really ambitious and I am sure you will find your destiny soon. You seems quite confused regarding your Indigo career. Definitely career counseling will help you to find your goal. Career Coach Training helped me a lot and today I am a successful IT professional. I think you should also take the help of a coach. Good luck for your Indigo career. Thanks for sharing your story.

Indigo Career - by: Anonymous
Hi guys. Just to let you know that we all have the same issues. Hanna, our life has too many things in common. I'm 33. Very talented in different aspects but not a clue what indigo career path to follow. I also struggle to get money from people due to ethical values. I also struggle to follow a traditional marriage path. I can't even be in a relationship for more than a few months. Any suggestions?

Waiting to bloom.... by: Kaylor
Hi Chris, I know how you feel. I've never fit in. Never found my life path. Never felt like I had any gifts or talents to work with. I'm good at everything, but great at nothing. I feel like I'm still "waiting to bloom." The way the world has become, and the people, it's very frustrating. Everything is going all wrong! I feel like I should be doing something about it. But what? I wish you many blessings on your journey. Never give up on yourself. Your purpose will find you!

Indigo Career Response - by: Philippe
I can't even begin to tell you how much I connect with what all of you are saying. I'm 35, Indigo, extremely talented (3 languages fluently, Degree in Mathematics, Musician educated in Berklee College of Music, etc.), but I can't figure out what to do with my life!!! It's agonizing to be an Indigo. Nothing satisfies me. I'm starting to think that being an Indigo is a curse! I have seen a multitude of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Councellors, Career Services, etc. and nothing helps. I am beyond frustrated.

Struggle to find satisfying Indigo career choices! - by Anthony B. (North Florida )

Of course, I am like so many of you here, and really identify with the things I read. But I have and still struggle with just making a living in this world and realizing my true purpose. Oh sure, I have a college degree (business/marketing) and can do many things, but I have no passion for the business world or most work. I'm not lazy; just have to have more of a connection/reason for doing things than a paycheck and stuff. 

Anyone else experience these things? How have you handled it? I am 45, wm, divorced, no kids and spent many years in the corporate world, but finally it was killing me so much in my soul I left, cashed out and traveled for many years. But I needed to go back to work for money to live and also for a bit of peace of mind. I struggled to find a good fit. Has anyone else experienced this and maybe have some good suggestions of what you did/how you overcame it? Thank you so much. It's good to have a forum for people like ourselves, because we are the only ones that truly understand each other!

A 'meaningful' job - by: Pheonix
I am completely aware of what you are experiencing as I too am at the same developmental stage. The problem lies in finding a 'fit' for your life-skills and your ethical core values. You were drawn to travel to learn something you needed for a change in direction. You are at a crucial point where you are needed to 'awaken'.Think deeply about what you saw ,where you went and why,did you meet anyone? On reflection I know you will find the underlying lesson .As we go through life we accumulate what we need to help us fulfill our purpose. If you look you will find a place where your business skills and your personal needs intersect .Don't assume you have to do the same as before, think outside the box and don't be afraid to seek guidance.You already have the answers within you just need to ask the right questions. Maybe list skills,and experience and cross-ref for suitable career you may be surprised what comes up!  When I found where I fitted best suddenly a job appeared on the doorstep.I wish you luck and send you support and illuminating light.

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