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Indigo Psychic Adult

by Jo-Jo

At the moment I am the happiest little bee around, I laugh and have fun (that's magic in my heart) but my life is....dare I say it Sh.t!

I came across this site in my search for the indigo adult list and ticked all of I kinda know I fit into some box and maybe my life can finally find direction. I can feel like the most unworthy-ist of the unworthy yet I often feel divinely important. What rattles my cage is others that live in a trance telling me that I do this wrong or that wrong. I can feel that I am the one living my life incorrectly. I think I have off the wall notions and can feel quite mmmm embarrassed by what I blog after I have pressed the send button, especially if I write something that's close to my true self.

I often feel that I am the only one that feels this way. I have 2 children, my eldest now an adult herself and labeled ADHD as a child. Now I know she is an indigo child. I have battled and battled authorities at every turn, still in battles now. I am tired of battling, I feel everything from bad thoughts to people talking about me behind my back. Paranoia I often feel. I do believe I know the truth, but it is others that lie creating confusion.

I do need to find a way to put everything in its right context and for me to know that what I feel and think is for real. I seem to always trash my dreams and never seem to be able to achieve them. I'm a social misfit at worst, a truth seeker at best. I suppose I need to find the middle medium.....

I am very sensitive to everything around me and my search always consists of finding info on protecting myself, my family the world and the universe. I believe in lots of things that I feel are for the betterment of our children's children. The future world is what we need to protect. Right now however I need to find the light again to guide my way and I hope that this site will have some good tips for me to live my life as what I know now is an indigo adult, so that I can pass that light on to my children xxxx

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Jul 15, 2009
Misfit or Indigo
by: Jo-Jo

Hi all I am a misfit in society and an indigo amongst the psychic's.

I am in the process of writing a book about my life as an indigo to try and help others like ourselves to find the light in their life of confusion.

As an Indigo I often lack the support needed to help me finish my tasks at hand. I am a single mother of 2, I have a calling to take on this task and to finish it. But fear that my unworthyness feelings will take over to help me throw my ideas away.

I ask here if there is anyone that has taken on such a task and has accomplished what they set out to do, If they could send me some advice and support in helping me to stick at my project. I do feel that there are others out there that have no idea they are indigo and who struggle to fit in without knowing the true reason other than they are a misfit in society. I want to help take this label away from them as all humans are intelligent and the ones that are told they are not need support to help them find their true calling.

All replies will be greatly received.

love and light to all
jo-jo x

Mar 01, 2009
Late Indigo Traits
by: Anonymous

Beautiful story, thank you for the inspiration.

Debbie, I believe this to be true. I think, for myself especially, that some of us chose it to be that way... in my case, having the indigo traits surface in intense ways when I?m 21 y/o and trying to finish college... does two things for me:

1. I made it to college, and am going to finish, whereas many indigos drop formal education all together and

2. Now that I?ve made it this far, I can "battle the system" of higher education, in the ways it needs to change. In fact, I've been struggling so much with it that it?s like as my Indigo self emerges, I?m practically FORCED to engage in battle, in order for my indigo traits to not get left behind or left outside the "box" of my education.

Put another way, I?ve been pushing for more experiential education, more room for practical, bodily learning within academia... we can't keep turning out privileged drones, you know.

Feb 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

I always knew that I knew something as a child and always spoke from wisdom to my younger brother, after leaving home I bumbled through life unwittingly. After giving birth to my eldest I began my journey in educating myself and here I am today.

I don't think I ever turned away from who I was, just did not understand it. Today I have found shamanism that seems to fit me perfectly and the other night I found this website. I feel if you're indigo it's always there and once you realize what it is exactly then things start to fall in place.

After finding this site the other night, I started to write again and after reading it to my friend I said 'blimey did I write that' I feel that once you figure who you are you can start your journey on your true path....I feel that happening to me now and I was pretty lost.....

Feb 02, 2009
Indigo Adult?
by: Debbie in Florida

I found the indigo information recently and it captured me completely. I recognized myself so vividly. My question is can an indigo, turn away from his/her gifts when younger and still return to them upon realization?

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