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Indigo Realizations

by Christian
(Springfiel, MO)

Hi I am a twenty year old male and I have recently discovered the being known as an Indigo Child. I have done a little research on the topic and have found I fit all of the "characteristics" of being an indigo child.

What I want to know is what our purpose is?

Why are we here to help, if I have no idea what to do?

What makes an indigo child different from the rest of society today?

AND the most important one for me is how are you sure that you are an Indigo Child?

I'm quite confident in the fact that I am an Indigo Child and here to help and change this world for the better, and in the process making myself a better person. If anyone could please, please help me with these questions it would help me out a lot.

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Oct 28, 2013
Disturbing replies
by: Anonymous

Christian- God made you who you are. A purpose in life is many complicated things that are unknown to each of us, only God can show you what that is. We live in an age where understanding and knowledge is almost taken for granted-- our brains are amazing creations that seek these things, but know that we are so much more than what we can understand.

I have no reason to believe that because I'm over 26 that I wasn't born with certain gifts or that an Internet quiz can confirm my belief that I have been set apart for something I probably can't even comprehend right now.

It is your desire to do great things, that may change the world, that makes you different. Your intuitive connection to people, or your affinity to the beautiful creation God made here on earth, these are things awakening in people all over the world. It is my belief that this is the way that The Lord wakes up His children to a change that is coming. Great changes in history come as a cumulative effort of many small events. We are at a crest of a wave in the ocean. It is no accident a generation of children comes along when the wave is forming. All of it is planned.

For me, knowing that I am only a small part in a plan that is beyond my control is comforting. The God that I know is perfect and infinite. If He made the universe, then I trust He knows what He is doing with my life. Take heart, because He lives you. If you feel like you were made for something beyond yourself, then it is His voice calling to you. You must seek Him out with everything that you are. Then you will find peace in knowing why you never felt like you belong here.

Jul 27, 2013
the truth.
by: Anja

Hei. :) Christian, you have all of the answers you need already inside of you, so i'd advise you to listen to your intuition, Higher self, your guides...those sources of information will never mislead you.

If i give you any answers of my own, you have to acknowledge that, they are based on my point of view and may be different from yours, or not. So always listen to yourself first and research on your own.

This world is based on opinions, yet the Truth is hidden in the plain sight.
And it's up to us to discover it and Wake up others.

See you later :)

May 21, 2012
Time For Indigos
by: Anonymous

Your purpuse is to do what's right and show to othere blind humans who canot stand for themselves. We need to show the older generation how it should be done. And we need to come up with ways to do it so we will not get shot by evel minded non indegos.
Im tired of how thigs ore getting done all part of the world. Its our time now or never

Mar 24, 2012
To Anonimous
by: Art

That last guy did not say that Christian is 26, I'm just saying that the oldest Indigo is gonna be 27 the next month.

About being harsh you might be right. Speaking with words of Star Wars, there are Jedi, there are Sith... They're alike in the power source... Though they're against each other.

Sorry, life's harsh, and I've been spoiled by the society...

They usually say that I'm an energetic vampire. Well... not a bad thing for me, you know. What can I do except for drinking people's auras?
That's how nature is built - bad guys survive on hunting good guys, and good guys slay bad guys.

Mar 08, 2012
Good Luck
by: Anonymous

Bit harsh that last comment, the guy has stated he is 21 not 26 !

Good luck in your discover pathway and hopefully there will be people here who can help a bit more. Whatever your purpose in life is, do it from the heart, you do not need to discover how, it will be inside you, and as long as it keeps others in mind with sincerity and genuine caring reasons, you wont go far wrong. Maybe your development is yet to begin, and I hope you encounter more people who can help you

Mar 07, 2012
by: Angelica-J

What makes an indigo child different
Now every child is "special" of course and all parents are amazed at what they have created but indigo children are different from the rest as they are wiser-in how they talk, can have and hold conversations when young,their great understanding
indigo kids are incredibly creative(sometimes written off as ADD/ADHD) and have greater imaginations (not as in better just larger) they can grasp so called adult concerns easily, are inquisitive and truthful,honest and really Pure a heart more so noticeable
As teens it becomes a little more obvious they seem older more mature question the outside world a little more are more accepting to anything and all many have traits like great communication skills, creative, logical, healing hands(which i have and made $2 for a 10min massage) but most times we can not carry all the traits as it becomes to noticeable and like everyone else as we still have to go through the motion of growing up we let the need to fit in and societies acceptable views over shadow our differences.We can also feel lost or depressed a lot easier which can happen when we are really under-stimulated or completely unhappy with our surroundings because that is what we draw from so much is everyone energies Indigos are extra sensitive to emotions and others energies' and its hard but they can effect us.
Indigo adults well i haven't completely got there yet :)
how are you sure that you are an Indigo Child?
if you question it, it is a good sign also if you can relate to it understand it and have no judgment of what we are then you are most likely an Indigo but read up more most likely you already know but i get you want to make sure. Ive not meet you know nothing about you but because you came here i think you are and that this is your way of becoming aware.
If you ever want to talk .
-Angelica J

Mar 07, 2012
21 !!!
by: Angelica-J

Hi im Angelica im 21 and i could definately be included in the indigo group although ive been told i am a child of the light which is something a little different. Anyway i hope that i can help out a little so what our purpose is welllll..... it depends really on your beliefs and views and although i have no set purpose as of yet i know that indigos are born with the greater urgency to change things for the better and no matter what really they are genuinely kind honest people who will never go out of their way to cause harm or things of criminal nature. we are constantly searching for answers solutions and ways to change and maybe there is no set purpose other than to help make others aware help people change their outlook their ways of destruction.
im not sure if anyone will be able to give you a set answer for this even you, although we want things all now and as an indigo your emotions and senses are higher then others you will need to find patience and at the moment while you are still searching for your meaning better yourself, find a good connection within yourself you need great self trust which will in hand help your determination inner peace connection with the earth nature ,research more and educate yourself.I know this isnt incredibly helpful but i hope you can find something in the mess of it.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Art

1. If you are older than 26 - you are not.
2. What is the difference between monkeys and human beings? Same with human beings and Indigos (except for men are monkeys here :)
3. Purpose? Live and let live. There's no purpose.
4. Who am I to state that? You tell me, you're Indigo ;)

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