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Insights From The Psychic Witch

by Joyce Luciano
(Arizona U.S.A.)

A few months before my birth during the summer of 1939 there were several fires in Paterson, New Jersey. Toxic fumes from a burning rubber mill, necessitated my mother being confined to bed or she would lose me. The events recounted here began prior to my birth.

My scheduled arrival date of, November 18, 1939 was cancelled at midnight, October 17th. Mom attributed her stomach pains to the broccoli she ate at dinnertime. After discovering her pains were occurring at timely intervals, she telephoned her doctor. I was born at 1:50 P.M. E.S.T.

There is no conception insofar as to how or why I remember the birth experience. It is inexplicable. I am not unique. Many people also have full recall of their birth.

It was programed for a specific time in my life to understand, to know, that there is a selective process beginning at the time of conception for every sentient being in our dimension.

This knowledge exists inside each of us. Some become consciously aware of it, feeling as if they were seeded from a higher source. Others have a sense they were placed on this earth with a mission to accomplish.

The next group feels they are not in the right place. They have a constant feeling of wanting to go home. Occasionally, they come in contact with others who also want to go home. They realize there is no reason to explain the phrase, I want to go home. It is understood.

The groups are divided as Progenies. They are the regenerated seeds from those beings who have left this universe when highly enlightened, seeking to leave an imprint of themselves behind for others to utilize.

My Grandma, Mamelle had a reputation back in the old country where she was known as, la Strega (Witch). She was also quite proficient with spells for cures so it wasn’t just a one way street. Grandma was a good hearted Witch.

Fortunately for me Mamelle brought her Spells from Italy to America when she arrived on Ellis Island in 1902.

She did not trust doctors or pills and made daily visits to her daughter Tillie bringing candles, bells, herbs, a yellow liquid, a crumbling old book, olive oil and two wax dolls. All were carefully placed on a makeshift altar at the foot of my Mothers' bed on top of several yards of white linen.

Faithfully each day, Mamelle said incantations from the Old Book after lighting her candles and anointing four corners of the room with her yellow liquid. My Mother got stronger and passed on a month before her 91st Birthday in1998.

Mom always said, “right from the beginning, when we brought you home, you would be laying in your bassinet staring into space smiling at someone. Your days and nights were mixed up. You slept all day until dark then were wide awake usually falling asleep around 5:00 A.M.” I still have my days and nights mixed up.

The afternoon of my 16th birthday brought two surprises. Hurricane Katie which caused my guests to abandon travel to my party.

Surprise number two was a trauma. My Grandma not only announced to me that I had Psychic ability but that I was a bloodline Witch (not associated with wicca). It was completely unnerving.

My initial reaction of disbelief was dismissed by midnight that evening.

Not only did my Grandma pass on this bloodline Witchcraft, she eventually taught me how to Read an ordinary deck of playing Cards with complete accuracy. Further, instructed me how to use only my Mind to predict the future, to pick up the past and present. Finally she informed me I had the ability to communicate with those who had made the crossing we call death utilizing Automatic Writing and Ouija. She made me promise to re-translate the Quatrains of Nostradamus. I kept that promise, my book will soon be released.

I began Reading Professionally in 1962. Studied Astrology in 1969 when most of these topics were forbidden to be out in the open. New Jersey had blue laws therefore, no predictions or soothsayers could let it be known they did Readings. Thus we became Reverends which allowed us to do Consultations and prevented us from a visit to the Jail. Yes, you read that correctly. Many Readers were caught and spent a week in the City Jail. We can thank Houdini for exposing the Trumpet Mediums of the roaring 20s thus anyone with paranormal ability was either a quack or a charlatan. Granted, there were a lot of phony Trumpet Mediums in his time but there were also genuine Mediums that suffered.

In 1974 after seeing so many innocents being scamed by adverts offering how to become a Witch, I went to the City Mayor and asked for an Appointment to clarify that Witchcraft cannot be taught or studied.

Three months later, Mayor Pat Kramer gave me the Appointment, Paterson, N. J. Official Witch, a title I still hold. Television, radio, newspaper articles ensued. Some of the articles written about me are on my website,

I generated so much publicity that a visit from Professor Flora Rheta Schreiber occurred. She had seen my on TV and wanted to talk. This great lady was the author of best seller, Sybil which ultimately became a movie. She taught at John J. College in Manhattan. Prof. Schreiber came to my home, insisted on taking me to Dinner. Our talk lasted over six hours.

By 1980 I began doing my own live Psychic Fairs and had 25 Readers that I repeatedly tested Reading for me at my Fairs. The Psychic Cruise we did is in a news article on my website.

In 1984 I had my own live TV Show, “Psychically Speaking.” The format was, interviewing various people connected to parapsychology. The final segment was set aside for the public to call in and get a live Reading from me.

I have had thousands of clients thru these past almost 52 years who remained clients with the exception of those who passed over. This has been my life path to predict, give guidance to the lost, solace and hope to the unloved and predict the love that will finally come into their lives.

One little footnote, yes we do go on after death. I died in 1963 for five minutes (Eclampsia) Doctors could not understand why I didn't stay dead. I had things to do, people to meet, places to go and a Son who was barely three years old and most assuredly needed his Mother. I wish I could say I was not warned in advance by my ghostly guide Uncle Charley who had warned me two days in advance...."Joyce go see a doctor or I will see you soon."

I did get my proof that I had not imagined Uncle Charley. The doc who was called in from New York was one I had never met. He said after examining me, "you must be very close with your Uncle Charley, when we lost you for the third time, five minutes later you opened your eyes and said, let go of my hand Uncle Charley, I'm not ready to go with you yet."

I never did convey to the Doctor that Uncle Charley (Luciano) was a ghost and one who had vanished before I was born. Charley was my Father’s brother also known as Lucky.

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Oct 10, 2016
Charley Luciano's Granddaughter
by: Paula Palumbo

Joyce I would like to be able to tell my mom, Marie Luciano Chubby, if her father was really Charley Luciano, lucky's daughter.

My phone is 9737690656 my mom is 80 years old and never got answers of her father. It would mean the world to her.

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