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Is My Child An Indigo Child

by Cath
(Manchester - England)

My child has had a very hard time growing up and it wasn't until last year on holiday that I was approached by a complete stranger who described my child as an indigo child. Everything he said was my child to a T. I've taken her to child psychologist and many doctors who all say she is immature and very childish. It is not because I'm her mother that I am saying this, but she is anything but what they say.

She has a very unique ability to see things and people. At first I ignored it but after speaking to this stranger I find myself questioning what she really can do.

My daughter was registered blind when she was 3 and I know she has seen people ever since she was little, as many things have happened.

Can anyone please help as I don't know who to talk to or where to go and find out how to help my daughter channel the gift I know she has.

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May 07, 2009
I would be honored to help you
by: Shera Davis

Hello honey,

First of all, you are clearly a very connected and nurturing mother. That shines through in your writing. I specialize in helping parents and teachers better support spiritually gifted children and I get a TON of families with indigos coming to me. I would love to spend an hour on the phone with you if you're interested -free of charge. I believe I could offer you some things to help your daughter thrive.

My e-mail contact is flourishingfamilies AT yahoo . com (Email spaced to block spam bots)
my website is

Mar 30, 2009
by: lotusflower

Hi Cath,

I woul really recommend taking your daughter to a homeopath.
This would help her develop and nurture her with natural remedies that would not squash or restrict her qualities.

Remember she is lucky to have a mother like you and don't be hard on yourself - it will all work out beautifully.

Lots of love xxxx

Try this website:

Feb 25, 2009
An answer for you
by: Healing Hands

Your child is gifted and needs to find someone who can let that gift shine out.

Just love your child unconditionally - they are so precious.

Jan 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hello there, I'm posting a comment for "Is My Child An Indigo".

First step: don't go to a doctor to find out why
your child is seeing ghosts. First of all they
don't have the answer. The only answer they can
give you is scytzo or you're crazy..

If they find out that she is doing readings they
are going to have pins and needles after her. So
don't even go there. Only for ears nose and throat, and other sicknesses.

If she is reading things that are coming true keep it to yourself, other than this sight. This site is in the know. We understand, and don't beat yourself up trying to figure it out, just let it be.

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