Is My Child Indigo?

by Christine

My four year old daughter for several years has illustrated and told me that she can "see dead people". I know, it sounds Sixth Sense like, but, I am truly wondering if she has a gift that I am not recognizing.

My daughter wakes up every night around 10:30pm (roughly an hour after bed time) drenched in sweat, crying and sometimes pointing or talking to someone in her room. I have asked her if she has talked to anyone or seen anyone in her room, and she has told me that a man in white with white eyes and an "ouchie" across his stomach keeps telling her to go the closet to "get a present".

She told me one day after I went to the mailbox that someone hit her on the head while she was sitting on the couch watching a movie. Her exact words were "ouch, why did you hit me on the head?" I don't know if she is ultra sensitive or if she actually can see people. I understand that she may be able to do this because there are times that I feel and sense people around me that are not there physically.

Can anyone clue me into what is going on?

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Jan 13, 2010
Your Child is Gifted...
by: Julia

Judging from what you have written, I would say you should definitely believe what she is telling you. Even if you are not convinced yourself don't show it, but listen carefully to what she is saying, show empathy, and ask questions, then she will know she can talk to you freely about this and trust you not to dismiss it etc. It must be a very frightening experience at times, especially for a small child, so it's important that she feels supported by someone and is not on her own.

I would also say it's important to get some kind of spiritual help if possible (like a good medium) to find out who the entity is, so hopefully it can be helped on it's way and stop bothering your daughter, it sounds like it might be a human spirit that didn't go to the light when they passed on.

Also, if you believe in angels, pray for their protection, love and support to surround you, your family and your home - meditation on this is particularly good; they are there to help us, their sole purpose is to serve mankind and source (God) for the highest good, but they cannot help unless we ask them, we have fee will so they can't just step in unless they are saving us from something that is not part of our life plan (ie. dying before we are supposed to).

Good luck, I really hope your daughter doesn't see any more scary things, must be horrible for her. Sending you much love :o) and empathy, Julia xx

Jul 25, 2009
Id say, definatly yes
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm an indigo as well, we all have different abilities. Me, im a seer. I can see months,sometimes several years into the future. As weird as this may sound, i believe all indigos have different powers for different reasons. If lead in the right direction, our powers can be used for good. I can tell,your child has a very special ability, but she can also feel very alone and frightened. I cannot see spirits, but i can sence them. An ability that you might even posess but have not yet tapped fully into it yet. It sounds like your going in the right direction with this, just remember, love her listen to her and listen to them. It will all make sence eventually. I also have a couple of bloggs on here one called "Forgiveness" & the other "Indigo seer" I hope to not frighten you with my messages. I truly believe all futures are changeable, and that things happen for a reason. That is why so many people are connecting in some way & with so many different talents.

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