Is this Lucid Dreaming?

by Angelina
(San Jose - USA)

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

I never knew what lucid dreaming was until I read your website. Every since I can remember I've always been able to control my dreams, knowing that I was dreaming and being able to act out or fly or run away from something. Even when having nightmares I'm able to know I’m dreaming and fight off dark beings or entities and I'm able to wake myself up out of a dream if it’s a bad one.

I can control what I want out of a dream and change a person to someone else if I want them to be there in my dream. It's so weird. It happens most of the time I dream because I know I’m dreaming.

Does that make sense? Sometimes I lose it and I'm unable to control it, or something I want to happen doesn't happen. Then I usually tend to get bored with the dream and I think I just wake up after.

If you can give more information about lucid dreaming that would be great - and do you consider what I told you to be lucid dreaming?

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Sep 05, 2007
Not lucid dreaming
by: Judy

To me, lucid dreaming is when you have a dream that comes true, or has already come true. For example, people who dream that a relative is saying Goodbye at the time they die are having a lucid dream.

You are very unusual in that you can control your dreams. I don't know what the name for that is.

Aug 19, 2007
Certainly Is Lucid Dreaming
by: ZorbaZiv

Thanks for you kind feedback about the website Angelina. Yes you ARE lucid dreaming. For more information on Lucid Dreaming try this FREE Lucid Dreaming Mini-Course

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