Joanna Visions

by Mrs. Rita Wilson
(new york, new york)

She is the best! I have looked for her for 4 years and I finally found her! She had been a reader on a network and now I found her on Kasamba and she is the best I have known.

See, she read for me back when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and if it wasn't for the advice she gave me I would be dead. She was right about everything and I mean everything! She did not sugar coat nothing and she is extremely detailed! She for warn me about an accident before it happened! I did listen to her some what not knowing that it would happen and it did. give her a try.

She speaks to spirit with amazing accurate information. She saved me, god bless her. She is the real deal. I know she is going to have her own web page up and when she does i will let you know. One of the best I ever got readings from. She told me things that no one ever knew! She also told me I would be married and have 2 children. On a certain date/month I would meet my husband and even his name! She was dead on. I was shocked when I met my husband and when he told me his name I about feel on the floor! He told me I looked like I seen a ghost and I thought oh no, if only u knew. I told him what happened after he proposed to me. He did not believe it until our children were born.

I will continue to use her. no one ever gave me such details...

Mrs. Rita Wilson

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Mar 09, 2015
Where is she?
by: Anonymous

where can I find her please?
is she joanne4952 on keen?

Oct 15, 2012
How do you locate Joanna Visions?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I read your feedback in relation to Joanna Visions and am interested in locating her. I tried Google search with no luck. Do you still have her contact details?


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