Letters in Blood

by Penelope Ghias

On Friday the 13th this year I was at my computer when at the corner of my eye appeared a name and it was like it was written in blood and it was dripping blood as well. I thought it strange as the name was my sister’s ex-husband’s name Fred.

So I phoned my other sister as I had fallen out with the one I am on about. She told me I would have to ask my other sister as she could not discuss anything, so then I phoned my friend Tim and before I said anything he told me that one of my sister’s husband’s has just died. So he asked his sister and she told him to tell me that it was my sister who I had fallen out with but it was her new husband she had married a few months ago that he had died.

The strange thing about it is that it was meant for me to know but, the only way I knew it was to do with her was that Fred is my link to her, as I never knew or met her new husband, so that would have been the only way to find anything out - scary but this true.

Regards Penelope Ghias

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