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This list of psychic abilities and methods of divination includes what they do and how they work. Over the years I’ve kept this wiki list updated with all your suggestions of the weird and wonderful practices so that we always have the best information to reference. 

A part of our human condition is to both look within in our attempts to know ourselves and to look outwards in order to know our futures. From eons of studying nature and the world around us we have devised rituals and procedures with which to meet the unknown.

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Arts of divination or extra sensory perceptions are diverse, numerous, ancient and new.

There’s a multitude of extrasensory talents that can be included in a comprehensive list of psychic abilities. Many good psychics will possess multiple psychic modalities but not, by any means, all that are included in this list. 

What gets included in this master list of psychic abilities?

You may have heard about Cheirology or Chiromancy but not realized they are both just different terms for Palmistry or Palm Reading (Cheiro: Greek word for hand and Mancy: meaning divination).

Many psychic abilities have the suffix ‘mancy’. Mancy originates from Old French, Greek and Latin words meaning Divination / Prophesy / Prophet. For instance bibliomancy; means interpreting a passage chosen at random from a book and offering up a prophecy from so doing. Prophesies in this form were predominantly taken from the Bible in earlier times.

A to Z List of Psychic Abilities & Methods Of Divination


List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - A

Aerokinesis: An ability to manipulate air molecules with your mind. (See also Telekinesis and/or Psychokinesis)

Aeromancy: Interpreting the shapes of clouds. There are signs in the air and sky much closer than the astrological zodiac. Next time you are on a flight get a window seat and look for messages as you fly above and through the clouds.

Afterlife Communication: Your loved ones who have crossed over can show you signs everyday that they are around you. All you have to do is look for them. And if you talk to your loved ones in the afterlife they will hear you. By talking to them you are telling them that you do indeed believe they are around you and this helps them to connect with you and give you signs that they are around you so much more.

ADC - After Death Communication: When a medium links to the spirit of a passed friend or relative and receives a message for the sitter it is known as an ADC. Many people receive these after death communications in a dream. Dream ACDs are always vividly remembered no matter how long ago the dream. 

Akashic Record ReadingsEvery thought, word and deed is recorded in the Book of Life known as the Akashic Repository. All things in the past, the present, and the future is contained in these Celestial Records. Click here for a free Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified Webinar

Alectryomancy: A form of divination using the sounds of bird calls or the pecking of seeds in relation to touching or manipulating letters of the alphabet.

Aleuromancy: Answers and messages baked in a dough then chosen at random with a question in mind. Fortune Cookies. Can also be the interpretation of shapes in flour spread or dropped on a tray or on the bakers floor. Another form similar to tea cup reading was from ‘reading’ the signs left in the mixing bowl. (Aleuron meaning Flour + Mancy meaning divination)

Alomancy: Casting salt into the air and read the patterns as it falls to the floor. Can also be salt cast into a fire.

Alpha Mind State: The full list of psychic abilities emanate from this realm. (Try my step-by-step script for accessing your psychic alpha state of mind.)

Alphitomancy: A specially prepared loaf of Barley bread was given to a person suspected of a crime. The innocent would digest it easily the guilty would have indigestion.

Angel Reading: A psychic ability where the reader communicates with the angelic realms.

Animal Communication: We can often see a pet cat or dog staring at something invisible. Your animal companion perceives the presence of spirit energies. Many psychics will use their psychic ability with animals to communicate on animal welfare. 

Anomalous Cognition: Term used by parapsychologists to reference awareness of information without having to specify or theorize a particular means by which that information was transferred.

Apantomancy: Taking meaning from chance encounters with animals. Saying you will be lucky when a black cat crosses your path. Aztec mystics took the flight of an eagle carrying a snake to be a good omen and Mexico City was born.

Apparition: A ghostly appearance.

Apports: completely solid objects can materialize out of thin air through a physical medium. Often ghosts will make coins, flowers, keys or stones appear. (Thank You Autumn)

Arithmancy or Arithmomancy are early forms of Numerology where predictions are made through numbers and the number value of letters. Arithmancy has found renewed popularity with its inclusion in the Harry Potter stories.

Astragalomancy or Astragyromancy: (Similar to Cleromancy) Making of decisions based on the throwing of dice.

Astral Projection: The out-of-body experiences achieved via lucid dreaming, deep meditation.

Astrology: Using the positions of the planets in the signs of the zodiac at your time of birth to prophesize future events and character traits. An astrologer must have your exact date of birth to be accurate, (see Horoscope Junkie).

What is Atmokinesis? Atmokinesis is the psychic ability to alter weather phenomena, albeit on a minor scale through mental force. (Thanks Alex Cerra for adding this one)

Augury: Ancient Roman prophecy from watching the movement of birds and other animals during thunder and lightning.

Aura Reading: This is the ability for a psychic to see in and around a subjects Aura. We all have an electromagnetic energy field around us. Some see this energy field as colors some psychics will feel the energy. (Learn to see auras)

Austromancy: Deriving meaning from watching the winds especially during thunder and lightning.. “The winds of change”.

Automatic Writing: is sometimes done in a trance or psychic state but sometimes with the writer’s awareness but the message is not from the writer’s mind. (Thanks for adding this Brandi - ZZ)

Axiomancy: Throw an axe into a tree or post and observe where the hatchet points.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - B

Belomancy, also known as Bolomancy: is an ancient form of divination using arrows. For example, three arrows would be marked with the phrases, God orders it me, God forbids it me, and the third would be blank. Choosing an advantageous direction was gleaned by tossing an arrow into the air, and letting its angle show the way to proceed. In the Book of Ezekiel 21:21 "For the king of Babylon stands at the parting of the way, at the head of the two ways, to use divination; he shakes the arrows."

Bibliomancy: means interpreting a passage chosen at random from a book and offering up a prophecy from so doing. Prophesies in this form were predominantly taken from the Bible in earlier times. Sortes is also taking random passages from the bible and making prophetic interpretations.

Botanomancy: is divination from scattering of leaves and vegetation in a high wind to seek direction. Leaves and or carved branches were sometimes burned and the smoke used in a similar fashion

Brontoscopy: Forecasting based on listening to the sound of thunder.

Bumpology: is a study of bumps on the head. Much the same as Phrenology.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - C

Candle Reading: see Ceromancy and Ceroscopy below.

Capnomancy: interpreting the flow and shapes in the smoke of a fire to from a prophecy.

Card Reading: see Cartomancy and Tarot.

Cartomancy: Similar to Tarot Card reading only Cartomancy is using a traditional deck of PLAYING cards not Tarot cards. Many decks of oracle cards are produced now days that are not Tarot decks but never the less are excellent tools for divination and inspiration. Dream Cards, Chakra Cards, Animal Cards, Astrology Cards, You name it there is most likely a deck of oracle cards about it.

Catoptromancy: Fortune telling with the aid of mirrors. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who is the fairest of them all?” A Captromancer’s mirror was known as a ‘Magic Glass’ Gazing (scrying) into a mirror is similar to crystal gazing.

Causimomancy: Making predictions based on observing items burn (or not burn) when placed in a fire.

Cephalomancy: Head Divination. Ancients would burn the head of a donkey, goat or ass on burning coals and made predictions from so doing.

Ceraunoscopy: Prophecy from the study of thunder and lightning. Similar to Augury the Ancient Roman prophecy from watching the movement of birds and other animals during thunder and lightning. And Brontoscopy is based on listening to the sound of thunder.

Ceromancy: also known as Ceroscopy is Candle Reading. Either melting wax dropped into water and the shapes of hardened then interpreted into prophecy. Or simply meditating and gazing at a burning candle flame. The shapes formed in wax from a candle’s run off can also be read for divinatory meaning.

Chakra Reading:  A chakra reading psychic will tune into your energy centers to see which are healthy or blocked. (What is a chakra?)

Channeling is when a separate intelligence enters the mind and or body of the psychic and then uses that body/mind to communicate messages directly to the audience. A psychic is not interpreting the information. In a channeling situation the message passes through as if the intelligence was using the body and mind of the psychic to hear you and to speak to you directly. 

Channel is also referred to when healing energy is channeled through a psychic or spiritual medium. Reiki became a very popular method of channeling universal healing energy in the 1980’s and continues to be well accepted now world wide.

Charlatans: Yes there are plenty of fakes out there. But the Skeptics have got to have something to get their teeth into.

Chiromancy, Cheirology and Chirognomy are all terms for Palm Reading or Palmistry which is divination from the lines on people's hands. Chirognomy is more specifically a focus on the general hand formations being size, shape and appearance of the hand.

Clairaudience: is the psychic ability to hear things that are inaudible. Meaning a psychic hears beyond the natural sense of hearing. He or she may ‘hear clearly’, and perceive sounds or words from spirits, guides, or angels or simply hear into your future in some mystical way. (Kindly added to this list of psychic abilities by Brandi who has a very strong psychic heritage.)

Clairvoyant: someone who has the power of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance comes from the French and Latin words Clair meaning CLEAR and Voyant and Voir meaning TO SEE.

So a clairvoyant is said to be able to see clearly. Silly really because we can all see clearly, if we have our normal vision in order that is. What is really meant by the term clairvoyant is the ability for a psychic to see what normally can’t be seen, or to see the future or to see the spirits of people who have passed over. (By the way, in psychic circles passed-over / passed on, or just passed, is a less confronting way of saying someone is dead. It doesn't mean not not-chosen :- ). In ‘passed over to the other side’ ‘other side’ means spirit realm.)

From the term Clairvoyant we have Clairvoyant Reader. A person able to see spirit or see future and conduct a reading. A reading means a psychic will tell you (read to you) what he or she is seeing clearly beyond the natural range of the visual sense.

Claircognizant: Clear recognition. Claircognizance is similar to Clairgnosis, as in having a sense of clear knowing. However, being claircognizant doesn't guarantee the person knows about or understands this clear knowingness! (Thanks Sarah of Gravesend UK for adding this one)

Clairempathy: is to be able to feel emotions from beyond natural realms.

Clairgnosis: is Clear Knowing. You may not see, smell, or feel intuitively but some of us "just know". Sometimes spelled as Clairknostic, Clairnostic, or Claircognizant

Clairsentience: refers to a psychic’s ability to pick up sensations and relate messages from those sensations.

Clairscentient means being able to smell aroma beyond physical levels.

Clairtangency is sometimes used to describe a psychic’s ability to touch beyond the physical.

Clairgustance refers to taste. Some psychics will be able to pick up certain tastes while conducting a reading.

Cleromancy: is a form of sortition, the casting or drawing of lots, in which your fortune is foretold by the random means of tossing I Ching coins or the rolling of dice. The ancients would cast stones, pebbles or bones for divinatory meanings.  Also see Astraglomancy and Astragyromancy for dice divination.

Clidomancy or Cleidomancy is divination using a dangling key when the sun or moon is in Virgo and the key tied to a bible. Also see Radiesthesia and Coscinomancy.

Combat Sense is a martial art of sensing what a combatant’s next move will be. (Thanks for adding this Brandi)

Coscinomancy: Using a hanging sieve or shears suspended from a thread, a list of names of suspects is read aloud. The person whose name is read when or if the sieve quivers or turns is the perpetrator. Also see Radiesthesia and Cleidomancy.

Crithomancy: Prophecy from is the study of barley cakes.

Cromniomancy: Divination by interpreting the sprouting behavior of onions.

Crystal Ball Reading, or Crystallomancy is the art of seeing future visions from within a crystal ball, or a quartz crystal cluster or point. Now, many will insist you need a quartz ball and not a glass sphere. But the power is not in the object of focus but in the psychic ability of the reader. 

Crystals: see Crystallomancy above.

Cyclomancy: Spinning a wheel, a top or a bottle. The prophetic answer lays in the direction the item points or spins towards. Have you kissed or been kissed in a "spin the bottle" party game?

Cryptesthesia: Paranormal Perception. The word combines Crypt (hidden vault) which originates from a Greek word Krupho meaning secret or hidden. And the word Esthesia which is a noun meaning sensitivity or a capacity for sensation or feeling. So Crypt + Ethesia = secret sensitivity.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - D

Dactylomancy: Divination with a pendulum using a ring as the bob on the end of chain or cord. Similar to Radiesthesia

Daphnomancy: When burning laurel branches in a fire if the branches crackled loudly this was a good omen and if there was an absence of crackling the omen was bad.

Déjà vu: Although psychology sees Déjà vu as the illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time. For the psychic Déjà vu is not necessary an illusion.

Demonomancy: The summoning of demons to answer questions.

Dendromancy: Druid divination with branches of oak or mistletoe set on fire. The prediction then made from seeing the direction and shapes of the ensuing smoke.

Dice Divination: fortune telling with dice is called Astragalomancy.

Direct Voice: A spirit draws out ectoplasm from a medium and creates and artificial voice box. The spirit concentrates its energies through this voice box and speaks in its own voice through the medium. (Thank You Autumn)

Divining Rods and Dowsing more recently known as Radiesthesia. Divination using a forked stick, rods and pendulums for the discovery of hidden water and other metals, minerals, objects or missing persons. (Buy Divining Rods / Dowsing Rods from Amazon)

Divine Intervention: Spontaneous spiritual visions that can guide and direct the seer.

Dreams: Dream Interpretations: have long been a form of prophecy. All dreams tell the dreamer something of their state of mind in the waking experience. See also Lucid Dreaming

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - E

Empath: A psychic empath (sometimes called a Sensitive) takes on other people's feelings of pain or pleasure, actually feeling the emotions of others. For a psychic empathy healer it is an ability that can help in relating the symptoms and cause of a client's ailment. However many empaths would rather not have this sensitivity as they can experience life as an emotional roller coaster when in the midst of emotionally high people. Shopping malls can be quite traumatic for these sensitives.

Empyromancy: Prophecy from viewing laurel leaves burning in a fire. Also Pyromancy.

Energetic Healing: A psychic ability to clear, repair and balance the body's energy systems by seeing and manipulating the aura. Reiki is a popular form of energy healing.

ESP - Extrasensory Perceptions: Any perception beyond our regular senses. 

EVP (electronic voice phenomena)  is sound potentially caused by ghosts in order to communicate with us from the beyond.

Exorcism: The practice of evicting demons or other unwanted spiritual entities which may have possessed a person or object. Usually involves a psychic's ability to communicate with the possessing entity. 

Extispicy: Divination by the study of entrails from a sacrificed animal.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - F

Fairies/Faerie Whispering: Listening to and noticing mystical fairies/faeries’ is another form of psychic awareness.

Faith Healing: Healing by prayer, mental intent and/or the laying-on of hands, both within religious practitioner frameworks and in the secular community. Also Spiritual Healing and Reiki.

Feng Shui: Chinese art concerned with the relationships between human beings and the subtle energies of wind and water. See also Geomancy.

Fortune Telling:  a practice of predicting information about a person's life. As the Psychic Guild explains, this is often performed by an online fortune teller.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - G

Gastromancy: The seer utters prophetic words in a lowed tone coming from deep breaths from the belly whilst in a trance state. Sometimes considered to be Ventriloquism. Gastromancy is often misquoted as a form of crystal gazing whereby glass goblets of clear water placed in front of lighted candles where gazed upon.

Geloscopy: You will laugh with Geloscopy! Prophecy from observations of a person by the way they laugh. ("The fool speaks the truth in jest")

Genethlialogy: Astrologically forecasting the destiny of a new born child.

Geomancy: Also Feng Shui. Geomancers will locate and shape spaces in harmony with both the physical and the spiritual environment using an awareness of the subtle earth energies or ley lines.

Ghost Busting: ("Who you gonna call?") Removing unwanted ghosts or entities. Also see Exorcism. (Enter our Real Ghost Stories project)

Ghost Whisperer: The insights into the afterlife of a ghost whisperer reveal multiple dimensions and planes that house various parts of the Spirit World.

Gyromancy: Divination performed by going around in a circle marked along its perimeter with letters of the alphabet. When the dizzy person stumbles onto the letters, words can then be interpreted as a message. Similar to the technique used in psychic circles and Ouija boards where the participants form a circle and place one finger on a glass surrounded by a circle of letters of the alphabet. The glass will touch letters in turn to indicate words and the words then form messages. 

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - H

Halolmancy: Casting salt into the air then reading the patterns as it falls to the floor. Can also be salt cast into a fire. Also known as Alomancy.

Haruspication, Hieromancy and Hieroscopy: An ancient art of investigating the entrails of sacrificial animals in order to see what the future holds.

Hippomancy: Observing the mating rituals of Hippopotamus. Just kidding!! It’s really divination by observing the appearance, neighing and foot stamping behaviour of horses.

Horoscopy: Producing and interpreting Astrological Horoscopes.

Hoodoo: often confused with Voodoo but it's not the same. Hoodoo is spiritual practice carried to the Americas by the trade in African Slaves. It's purpose is to allow people access to supernatural forces to improve their lives. 

Hydromancy: Water Divination. Various forms of prophecy by observing water including the color, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool.

Hypnosis: Hypnotic Trance (Metagnomy) was the gateway through which Edgar Cayce (The most documented psychic to date) would conduct his psychic sessions. He was so called the “Sleeping Prophet”.

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - I

I Ching: An ancient Chinese system of prophetic philosophy and has long been used as an oracle. The I Ching is based around a set of 64 abstract line arrangements called hexagrams. Each Hexagram is composed of six stacked horizontal lines with each line is either Yang which has an unbroken solid line, or Yin which has a broken line with a gap in the centre. 

Ichthyomancy: Prophetic observation of head and entrails of fish.

Intuition: A socially accepted term for psychic awareness. The meaning of the two words In and Tuition are interesting. IN comes from Middle English and Latin origin meaning SEE. And TUITION from Middle English and Latin meaning PROTECTION. So intuition really means see protection or protective sight. Next time you act on your intuition you can say you are acting upon your protective sight!

Insight: Seeing intuitively.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - J

Journaling: Keeping a personal record of occurrences and observations from your dreams, psychic readings, self divinations and other extrasensory experiences will prove to be an invaluable asset in your search for higher truth.

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - K

Ki: Life Force Energy. - Ki (Japanese), Chi (Chinese), Prana (Indian). (Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei meaning God or Higher Power and Ki which is Life Force Energy.)

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - L

Lampadomancy: Divination from observations of movement from the flame of a single oil lamp or torch.

Lecanomancy: Divination where a stone is thrown into a basin of water. A reader will give prophesies from the sound the stone makes in the water and the images of the rippling water. Sometimes oil is used instead of a rock and the shapes of the oil floating on the water are focused on.

Lenormand: is a form of Cartomancy. It was developed in the 17th century Napoleonic era by a famous psychic named "Mlle Marie Anne Lenormand".

Levitation: Objects, people, and animals are lifted into the air without any visibly physical means and float or fly about.

Libanomancy: Reading the shapes formed in the rising smoke or the flares, pops and crackling sounds as incense burns upon coals.

Lithomancy: Divination by interpreting the pattern of crystals, stones or stone talismans cast to the floor or upon a chart or map.

Lucid Dreaming: The ability to wake up inside a dream and experience an alternate reality. Can be similar to Astral Projection. 

Luck: ? Psychic Wins Lottery

Lucky Charm: An object, design, or symbol believed to be endowed with magical powers. Also called a talisman.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - M

Margaritomancy: Rumor has it that two Mexicans drank too many Margaritas and started seeing things. (I just started that rumor). Margarita is Latin for Pearl. Margaritomancy was actually Pearl divination. Pearls were either cast into a pot over a fire or pearls were prophetically observed in oyster shells.

Meditation: The practice of relaxing and focusing the mind and invoking the guidance of the Higher Power.

Mediumship: A psychic medium connects with and acts as a communication conduit for spirits in the after life and/or guiding entities such as angels.

Metagnomy: Psychic ability whilst in a hypnotic trance. Edgar Cayce is perhaps the best example of this.

Metamobilia: OK, so I made this one up :-) But here are some tips and links for getting readings with psychics in mobile devices.  

Meteoromancy: Although it is said to be a prophecy from the study of meteors, it was actually a Roman form of divination from thunder and lightning.

Metoposcopy: Predicting personality, character, and destiny, by reading patterns and lines on a subject's forehead combined associations to astrology.

Metaphysics: Meaning beyond physics. Psychic and paranormal phenomena is beyond psychics (at present).

Mirror Gazing: Psychic perception from gazing or scrying in or through a reflective surface was known as Catoptromancy in times gone by. Nostradamus filled a dish with ink to form a mirror surface through which he would see his prophecies. We have all heard the wicked witch in Snow White, saying – “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” And Lewis Caroll found a Wonderland for Alice, through the Looking Glass

Moleosophy: Divination from bodily marks such as moles, birthmarks and skin blemishes.

Molybdomancy: Omens were sought by interpreting the noises and hisses of molten lead when dropped into a cauldron of water. Alternatively the shapes formed by the molten metal solidifying in the water were observed. Also the directions that spilled liquid metal would flow when poured onto a flat surface could be prophesized upon.

Morphing: Psychic Morphing is the ability to move from normal to paranormal dimensions and return at will. 

Myomancy: Ancient form of divination by observing the behavior of rats and mice.

Mystic: An initiate of the secret teachings of the ancients. One who believes in the existence of paranormal or metaphysical reality.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - N

Namology, Nameology: The science of naming children using Astrology and Numerology. The names are suggested by Astrology and checked for Numerological Compatibility. Also used for choosing auspicious business names and changing given names for favorable improvements.

Nature Spirits: There are four basic elements of nature: fire, air, earth, and water. Within each of the four elements are nature spirits that are the spiritual essence of that element. They are made up of etheric substance that is unique and specific to their particular element. They are living entities oftentimes resembling humans in shape but inhabiting a world of their own. [crystalinks.com/nature_spirits.html]

Near Death Experience: An NDE is an out-of-body experience remembered by someone clinically near to death or briefly clinically dead and revived. 

Necromancy: Communing with spirits of the dead. (Séance)

Numerology:  Numerological divination of numbers, dates, and the number value of letters of the alphabet. The name and birth date of an individual are used to prophesize future outcomes. (While Astrology can give you an overview it is Numerology that gives you the details)

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - O

Oculomancy: Divination by scrying into a subject’s eye. May well be the origin of the saying "The eyes are the windows to the soul".

Oinomancy, Oenomancy: Divination conducted by examining patterns in wine spilled on cloth or paper. The sediment in the bottom of a glass or bottle of wine was also observed for prophetic signs.

Omnikinesis: This is a fictional psychic ability used by gamers. Read more in the FAQs below.

Omphalomancy: A method of predicting how many children a mother may have during her lifetime, based on the number of knots in the umbilical cord and the shape of the newborn infant’s navel.

Oneiromancy: A psychic form of dream interpretation that uses dreams to predict the future. See my free dream meanings project to work out the psychic messages within them.

Onomancy, Onomantics: Divination by the study of letter in a person’s name. Similarities with Numerology

Onychomancy: Fingernail Fortune Telling by watching the reflection of sunlight on the oiled fingernails of a young boy, then interpreting the symbols that appear. The higher the symbol is situated on the nail, the nearer the events are in the future. Can be a part of Chiromancy / Palmistry.

Oomancy, Ovomancy, Oomantia or Ooscopy: Divination by breaking an egg into a container of water, then interpreting the forms which the white of the egg assumes in the water.

Ophiomancy: Serpent Prophecy. Divination by observing the way a snake coils itself and its manner of eating.

Oracle: A person or system who divines the future. A mystic or psychic can be an oracle. But so can the I-Ching, Set of Rune Stones, or Deck of Tarot Cards.

Ornithomancy or Orniscopy: (Often misspelled as Orinithomancy). Foretelling the future was carried out by observing the actions of birds. In particular birds' flights, songs and the patterns made by the aerial formations of flocks of birds.

Ouija Board: A talking board or spirit board used in séance with the alphabet and other symbols printed or carved on it. A planchette touched with the fingers can move in such a way as to spell out spiritualistic and telepathic messages on the board. 

Out of Body Experience: OBE. A sensation of floating outside of one's body and, in some cases, seeing one's physical body from outside oneself. OBE’s are most often initiated through lucid dreaming and or astral projection. Can also be experienced as a near death experience - NDE.

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - P

Palmistry, Palm Reading or Cheirology: Divination from the lines on and the structures of people's hands. 

Paranormal ExperiencesIf you are sensing something ‘otherworldly’ you should know that you are not alone. 

Parapsychology: The interdisciplinary field for the study of all forms of extra sensory phenomena.

Past Life Regression: A process of hypnosis or meditative visualization for reliving or discovering previous experiences of one's previous lives.

Pegomancy: Divination in which one ‘gazed’ into the waters of a well, spring, fountain, small lake or calm river.

Pendulum Scrying: Is using a crystal or other heavy bob on a chain or string is used to dangle over words, letters or a yes/no while a question is posed. I can also be called pendulum divination. See also Radiesthesia.

Pet Psychics: Many psychics will use the psychic ability of animals to communicate on animal welfare. 

Phrenology: Victorian practice to determine character, personality traits, and possible criminality by reading bumps on, and the shape of, the head.

Phyllorhodomancy: When clapping the palms with a rose leaf in hand a prophecy was made from the different type of sound produced by the clap.

Physiognomy: “I didn't like the look on his face”. Making a personality judgement by the look of a person’s facial features. On Physiognomy, Thomas Browne (1605-1682) wrote; “For there are mystically in our faces certain Characters which carry in them the motto of our Souls”.

Pineal Gland: The Third Eye! The pineal gland is a crystalline superconductor that sends, as well as receives, information through the transduction of energetic vibrational signals (frequency beyond the senses, also known as the quantum field) and translates it into biological tissue (the brain and the mind) in the form of meaningful imagery, the same way as an antenna translates different channels onto a TV screen. (Dr Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural)

Precognition: Knowledge or awareness of the future, obtained through extra sensory perceptions - ESP.

Psi: Psi is the abbreviation for parapsychology and can relate to any of the powers listed here.

Psychic: Extra Sensory Perception - ESP

Psychic Circle: A group of like-minded people who get together to enhance their natural psychic abilities.

Psychic Dreams: While sleeping all the obstructions of the physical body are at rest, there is no interference from your conscious mind. You have the ability to experience guidance from your lucid dreaming.

Psychic Healing: An ability to sense illness in a person and heal them, normally while in a trance. (Thanks for adding this Brandi - ZZ)

Psychic Medium: A person with extra sensory perception who acts as a channel or conduit in communication with guides, angels, spirits or those that have passed on.

Psychic Tarot Reader: A person with extra sensory perception who uses the imagery from Tarot cards to gain knowledge or awareness of past, present and future events. See also Tarot Reader.

Psychography: Another name for automatic writing. A technique producing information by means of extra sensory perceptions of spiritual dimensions.

Psychokinesis: The influencing (moving) of physical things with the power of the mind. (AKA telekinesis)

Psychometry: Psychic sense of touch. A Psychometrist will obtain intuitive impressions and information by holding or otherwise connecting with an object or person. The word originates from two ancient Greek words meaning 'Measure' and "Spirit/Soul".

Psychoscopy: is another name for Psychometry

Pyrokenisis: is the ability to start and control fires with the mind. (Added by Rusty)

Pyromancy, Pyroscopy: Fire divination by observing the flickering shapes of flames in a fire or from a candle.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - Q

Quartz Crystalmancy: The psychic art of seeing future visions from within a quartz crystal ball, or a quartz crystal cluster or quartz crystal point.

Quasarmancy: The channeling of my extragalactic spiritual guide.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - R

Radiesthesia: Dowsing with rods or a pendulum. Radiesthesia is a word of Latin origin meaning sensitivity to radiation. The rod or pendulum can amplify a dowser’s sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. See Pendulum.

Reiki: Spiritual healing technique developed during the early 20th century by Mikao Usui in Japan. Similar to the laying on of hands in which the practitioner acts as channels for Reiki energy. Rei meaning God or Higher Power and Ki which is Life Force Energy. In Japanese the term Reiki translates to Ghostly Power.

Regression: Hypnotic or meditative past life regression to re-experience memories from previous lives. 

Remote Viewing: Procedure developed by parapsychologists at the Stanford Research Institute to perform clairvoyance under controlled conditions. Similar to astral projection in that it involves the projection of consciousness to remote locations.

RetroCognition: Ability to see the past by touching an object that HAD to do with the event. (Thanks Rusty)

Rhabdomancy: Dowsing for underground water or minerals with a rod or staff made of Hazel wood. 

Rhapsodomancy: Prophetic Rhapsody. Opening a book of poetry at random and finding intuitive guidance from within that particular poem. 

Runes, Rune Stone Readings: Runes were first used over 1500 years ago in Scandinavia. They formed an early alphabet known as Futhark after its first six letters: F –U-th-A-R-K. The name ‘rune’ originally meant secret or mystery and runes were considered magical signs to be used for charms and also in divination. As an oracle rune stones are drawn in lots of three and read from right to left starting with overview, then the challenge and finally the best action to take. Alternatively - right, middle and left signifying past, present and future. 

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - S

Sand Scrying: With a fine sand spread in a tray the process is similar to automatic writing, in that you allow free flow while holding a pencil or stick lightly in the sand surface. Patterns in the sand can be letters or shapes that can be read intuitively.

Sciomancy, Sciamancy: Communicating with spirits in a séance or channeling session. But this is often misquoted as shadow divination.

Schumann Resonances: The brainwave frequency of 7.83Hz (Alpha) is a psychic resonant state. 7.83Hz and the Schumann Resonance is also the natural heartbeat of the earth.

Scrying: Term for psychic gazing or seeing. As in gazing into a crystal ball or seeing through a reflective surface. Scrying is an inner vision while de-focusing on an outer object.

Séance: This is when a group of people "sitters" gather together with a psychic medium who channels deceased spirits. 

Sideromancy: Straw placed onto a burning hot surface was prophetically observed for the way the straw curled and burned.

The Sixth Senseextrasensory perception

Sortilege: Medieval term for sorcery or one who divines. Sortilege has also has been associated casting bones or drawing lots for divination.

Spirit Board. more commonly known as the Ouija Board

Spiritual Psychic Readings are based upon a personal connection with the divine.

Spiritual Healing: The channeling of life-force energy by the spiritual healer to re-energize the patient.

Spiritualist movement started in the UK by organizing séances 

Spodomancy: Divination by observing the ashes of a sacrificial fire.

Star sign: The position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the time of your birth. Also called Sun Sign

Stichomancy: Divination by reading a line or passage from a book chosen and opened at random. Similar to Bibliomancy. The I Ching - Book of Changes is often consulted in this way.

Stolisomancy: Deriving messages from the way people dress. In particular noticing out-of the-ordinary happenings when dressing; odd socks, missing buttons, inside out clothing or putting wrong shoe on foot and the like.

Sun sign: The position of the Sun in the Zodiac at the time of your birth. Also called Star Sign

Sycomancy: Written messages on fig tree leaves or sometimes paper are rolled up, soaked or burnt. Observation of reactions to burning or unfurling or dying signify certain omens. This is an ancient form of divination that has been used to select kings.

Synesthesia: The condition where sensory stimuli crosses paths. So a person taste or sees sounds, feels a taste, see words in color and/or hears emotions. Research by medical scientists shows that synesthetes have high intelligence and are frequently psychics. 

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - T

Talismans: An object, design, or symbol believed to be endowed with magical powers. Lucky Charms

Talking Board: Same as Ouija Board

Tarot Reading: A person with an understanding of the archetypal meanings of Tarot Cards uses that knowledge to translate randomly chosen Tarot cards in a prophetic way.

Tarotology: Being a subset of the art of cartomancy it is an activity for fortune telling with Tarot Cards.

TarotVision™  (Also known as Tarot Voyance) is the psychic ability used with a deck of Tarot Cards as developed, used, and taught by Ian Parkin.

Tasseomancy, Tasseography: Means Cup Divination. Reading tea leaves or coffee grains that remain in a cup once the beverage has been consumed.

Tea Cup Reading: See Tasseomancy

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with your mind. (Thanks Orris)

Telepathy: Word origin means distant-feeling. Using extra sensory perception for communication between minds over distance or through any barrier obstructing recognition from normal sight, speech or reading body language. 

Telesomatic: The ability to sense the feelings of another person from any distance with no material connection between the two.  Some psychics use this term for their distance healing ability but the word does not have any actual relevance to healing. Telesomatic ability is often found to be strong in identical twins.

Tephramancy: Ashes from a burned sacrificial victim examined for omens.

Theriomancy: Divination by observing the actions taken by wild animals. (Known as Zoomancy if the animals are domesticated or not in the wild). 

Theta: The Theta level of mind is a slightly deeper resonant state of mind than Alpha, which I call the gateway to the psychic realms. 

Third Eye Visions: The use of the pineal gland to send and receive vibrational signals through the quantum field in the form of meaningful imagery. (Dr Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural)

Thought Projection: This is telepathy being sent outwards from a mind.

Tiromancy, Tyromancy: (Not for Tyre Kickers!) During the cheese making process the curds were observed for omens.

Token-Object Reading: is another name for the clairsentient divining method of Psychometry

Transfiguration Mediumship: A spirit superimposes its face on the medium's face, and those in the room can see the visible characteristics of a deceased person's face (Thank You Autumn)

Trance Mediumship: The most famous trance medium was Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet) who would go into a self-hypnotic trance and then enter the Akashic Realms in his psychic readings.

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - U

Usui Reiki: see Reiki (Read - The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui) A franchised brand of Psychic Healing

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - V

Viking Runes: See Runes

Voodoo, Vodun: From an African word for "spirit". A religion of African origin often misrepresented by popular movies. For instance the practice of sticking pins in voodoo dolls was simply a means of teaching a healing technique identifying pressure points similar to acupuncture. Unfortunately Hollywood has created the myth of Voodoo being a method of inflicting a curse.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - W

White Light: A method in meditation of cleaning one’s aura.

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - X

X-Files: Files kept on unexplained phenomena.

Xenoglossy: ‘Foreign-Tongue’. A psychic phenomenon in which a person is able to speak or write a language he or she could not have acquired by natural means. Can also occur when being regressed to a past life in hypnosis or when a medium is in communication with the spirit of a dead person who speaks another language.

Xylomancy, Zylomancy: Divination by interpreting the shape and position burned wood or of observing dry wood and dead trees found obstructing a path.

List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - Y

Ying Yang: Chinese philosophy of two primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe.

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List of Psychic Abilities and Methods Of Divination - Z

Zen: Means meditative concentration. Zen Mind is an ideal state of mind for developing psychic awareness.

Zener ESP Testing Cards 25 cards with symbols – 3 wavy lines, a circle, a 5-pointed star, a square and a plus sign -  devised by Psychologists Karl Zener and  J.B. Rhine in the 1930s.

Zoomancy: A form of divination where a Zoomancer predicts future events by watching animals and the actions they take under varied circumstances. (Also known as Theriomancy when the animals are wild).

2020 Top FAQs Answered Re: List Of Psychic Abilities

What is being a psychic?

  • Being a psychic is being metaphysically aware of things in the past, present and future. 

What does it mean to be a medium?

  • Being a medium is when you become a channel to the realms of the spirit world. Mediums are the psychics you go to for afterlife communications. A real psychic medium provides evidential messages from your loved ones who have passed over, from your angels, and from your spirit guides. 

What are the psychic powers?

  • The main three psychic powers are Clairvoyance (visions), Clairaudience (sounds), and Clairsentience (feelings). But my full a to z list contains many more, weird and wonderful practices.

What is it called when you see things before it happens?

  • When you see thinks before they happen it is called a premonition. The psychic ability is known as Precognition (pre means before and cognition means acquiring knowledge through any of the senses). Seeing things before they happen clairvoyant precognition.

What is Omnikinesis?

  • Omnikinesis is a fictional psychic ability. It is a term used by sci-fi gamers who created it to mean the mental control of absolutely anything at the molecular level, in the past, present and future. Although this is not a real psychic ability, I’ve added here because it is a frequently asked question.

What is a remote viewing psychic?

  • The psychic ability of remote viewing is the receiving of impressions by focusing the mind on distant and unseen targets using extrasensory perceptions (ESP). Real remote viewing was tested and proven authentic by the CIA's Stargate Project between 1972 and 1995.

What is psychometry reading?

  • A psychometry reading a clairsentient divining method where we can receive energetic impressions of another person, by holding or touching an object belonging to that person.  Psychometry is the quickest and easiest way develop your latent psychic abilities.

What does ESP stand for?

  • ESP stands for extra sensory perception. This term for psychic abilities was made popular after the previously classified details from the CIA's Stargate Project came to light. ESP was the term used in their remote viewing experiments during the 1970s to 1990s 

What is an ESP test?

  • The more popular ESP test involves using Zener Cards. A deck of 25 cards consisting 5 cards each with patterns of  circles, crosses, wave lines, squares, and stars. Practice with two people, one picks a random card and projects the image to the mind of the receiver. The receiver guesses the image. The number of correct guesses above chance can measure levels of ESP in the receiving subject as well as determining the level of ESP in the sender to project thoughts telepathically. 

What are psi abilities?

  • Psi is an abbreviation of parapsychology. Psi is a term more often used in scientific circles. Psi abilities can be any of the powers in the list of psychic abilities above.

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