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Love Readings with Valentina Visions

by Nikki Stanton

I was lost, I didn’t no what to do. I was hurt and confused but Valentina guided me through it. She worked for me with meditation and burned hand made candles for a love spell to draw love my way.

Valentina Visions told me I was meant to be with a guy with the initial "J", and I will meet my soul mate within a few weeks. And here it is.. I was thinking about it today, I’ve been married 4 months now to my soul mate "Jonathon".

I've never felt so healthy in my life and its amazing how someone with no hope, and who had no believe in her ability made out to be 85% accurate. I'll tell you if 100% when I have 4 children, as of right now I don't see it happening!!!! LOL

I Love her, she's nice, honest, and she works with you. Her prices are a bit high when it comes to healings, and balancing your energies, but she works with you. She helps you when you need it, I needed a $500 candle, and she didn’t even ask for $500, she told me "look I’m going to burn you a $500 hand made and blessed candle, but I know you cant afford it, so just give me $100, I’ll pay the rest."

God bless her precious heart.
I’m blessed, I feel light, and I still go to her, and I recommend her to anyone, with any problems.

She's found on Bitwine.

Thank you, GB.

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