Love Runes Reading

by Monique Keller

Why Runes should be more used

Many people ask for psychic reading online about love or work. Most of them ask an astrologer or a tarot reader because that's the most common but some other pathways exist and we will follow one of them now.

Known in Ireland and Celtics countries, Runes reading is powerful and accurate but in USA it is a little bit different. This way to read the future is not so usual in a country where a lot of people have Latin and African roots. But It is a pity because we are talking of one of the most accurate tool ever.

Love etc...

As Usual it is used to answer love questions and in that game, Rune is very good. It is true that a lot of questions are focused on that but it is also true that we can not just ask the same thing to answer and the best to do is to find how we can answer our questions the most accurate ways.

The problem with a lot of other things is the fact that they are not so accurate. They seems to be but they are not because they give more than they are supposed to do.

Example: We try to read our love future with tarot, after that we pick up some cards and what do we see? Some draws in some pieces of paper and the problem here is the fact that tarot allow imagination to work too much. When we pick up a tarot card we see word and we usually make an interpretation of the draw not only with our knowledge but also according what we are waiting for. That's what this method is not so accurate.

What about Runes?

This a good tool, very accurate because focused on the answer. Futhark alphabet does not let any space to imagination and this is the secret of a good reading because when imagination comes, everything is possible, too possible.

In order to do a good reading we mix the stones, we pick up five, it is enough, and we draw it in cross. Cross reading is the best way to answer any type of question include love matter. Easy to know if we will break up with our boyfriend or to know if we will get pregnant soon, runes gives the best of the best, the most targeted answers.

Everyone can do it, it is easy and no need spacial gift. As long as we know the signification of the runes everything is alright. Just, We have to be honest when we read the answer because it is the hardest to do: being honest with ourselves.

If we draw a reading we have to accept the answer, not to create our own one with our imagination as usual in fortune telling. That's true that imagination take a lot of space in psychic readings, means that Customer usually create is own reading inside.

So that's another reason why this is a very good tool, even the most dishonest of us can read accurately.


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