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Many Psychic Stories

by Lauren K
(Tomball, Texas, USA)

My Psychic Experiences

My Psychic Experiences

My name is Lauren, these are stories I wrote for a psychic experiences website. I am Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentience, Pyrokinetic (fire) and Hydrokinetic (water), telepathic, I can "talk" to animals, and I have precognition dreams. These just some of many stories hope you enjoy.

I Was Attacked By a Spirit! - About a month ago I started sensing spirits around me. But it wasn't until about a week ago I started seeing them, but it’s not like I "see" them, I more get like a picture in my head of how they look and when they talk it’s like the words are floating through my mind. There are at least 6 spirits in my house, but I have only been able to "see" 2 1/2 of them. I say a 1/2 because one of them I can only see just past its shoulders. He wears a top hat and looks like he might be wearing a suit. The other 2 are young girls one is 6 and the other is 10, they are sisters. The younger one is named Lucy and her older sister is named Sara. They have long blond hair and bluish green eyes.

There is one in my closet and just about 4 days ago it like attacked me. I only sense it really late at night around midnight. When it’s there it very hard for me to sleep and sometimes I feel very weak and sick. But just a few days ago I was sitting on my bed writing (I started doing that about a week ago when I started sensing the spirits) and I started getting really hot and like cold sweats, and then there was like a tingle near my knee and my arm. Then like a really cold breeze on my arm. Every once and a while a light would like flash by my eye. I felt very threatened so I stopped writing and got out of there. I went to my Mom's room and laid down at the end of her bed. I couldn't stop from crying and it woke my mom up and she came and laid next to me. I was like hyperventilating and really, really HOT. I was sweating and it was like I couldn't breathe. I haven't been attacked since but, I still since it watching me almost every night. So if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Clairaudience? - I recently figured out that I am an empath and a couple other things, but for now let's stick with that. One of the other things is I am Clairaudience. Which, with what I can gather, is a person who can hear things that are outside the normal hearing range, but I have notice it makes me very irritable, I snap at just the littlest sounds, like plastic bags, tin foil, creaky doors, floors. One time I was sitting on my back pouch and on the street, which is like 3 miles from my house, there was a motorcycle and the person driving was revving the engine, and normally I hate that, but this time it just drove me crazy. So lately I started listening to music really loud to drone out everything else, especially my five year old sister, which I have notice has the highest pitched voice I have every herd. I just wanted to know if anyone else had this problem, and if so can you please help?

Also I have this thing lately were every night I get really bad headaches. I don't know if it a clairaudience person thing, an empath thing, or just built up energy, but if anyone can help I would be super grateful; so in advance thanks so much.

Is there any one who has this or anything like this? If so can you comment . Thanks to everyone. You have all really helped me.

Weird Things Happen When I Meditate! - I recently have been told by numerous people on this site that meditating helps with like everything. So I have been trying to meditate when I get home from school, and every time I get into like this trance-like state and see like flashes of color, mostly blues, greens, and blacks. I have no idea what they might be, so if anyone can help with that.

Also I get this strange feeling like I'm floating in water, it’s really weird to explain. But it's like I'm in a pool or a lake or something. I just feel like I'm floating there, but it’s not like floating in the air, it kind of has that bubbly feeling. But anyways I really like being outside lately, which for me is really weird, because I live in Houston and it can get either really hot or really cold. So I used to like never go outside, but now all I do pretty much is want to be outside, watching the water in the lake behind my house, reading, or just sitting there; but mostly watching the water. Now I spend pretty much for the time I get home from school, at 4, to well after its dark. The other day I was really upset, so I went for a walk down to the end of my street where there is a fountain in the lake. I sat there and watched the water come out the fountain, thinking for like an hour and a half. It made me feel really good, but something else. Watching the water come out the fountain, I feel like part of the water, like I wanted to be nearer (it that's ever a word) to it. It was getting dark so I started walking back to my house and went and set back in the back yard, it was about 8:45 (I have always liked the night better then day time). But leaving the fountain I felt almost like I was sad to leave. If anyone has anything about this please add a comment. Thanks so much!

My Best friend is a Psychic! - I sense spirits. Yeah ok, but the other day I was over at a friend's house and she overheard our Moms talking and my Mom told her Mom about my being able the sense them (this was all before I got to my friend’s house so I had no idea my Mom had said anything) , so when I got there my friend, Hannah, asked me about it. She asked all the normal questions I get when someone finds out, but she told me that at night she hears her name being called and she asked me if I could find out if there was anything if her room, so I did. There was one, but it seemed to be harmless so I told her what it was telling me, this freaked her out a little. Letter she told me that sometimes she sees like outlines of people and she told me she saw one then and asked if I sensed it, I told her I did and told her the exact place she saw it without her telling me where it was. We were outside a little long after that then we went back in the house. There were 3 spirits in the living room (we were sitting in the connected dining room) when all of a sudden we both got light headed, stomach aches, and felt like we couldn't breathe. We also felt like we were going to cry, she actually did. We both notice a girl standing behind me. We both decided after me talking to her a little that she was strangled. She was maybe 14 I think and she had mid-length dark brown hair. She was wearing a like mini dress and leggings. She had hand marks on her neck and her eyes were red around the edges. She was completely freaked, but she's ok with it. So I was wondering what her ability is; so if anyone can tell me I would be thankful. Please leave a comment.

Thank You for all the help you have given me!


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Feb 08, 2011
You Aren't Alone
by: Lexxi

I understand what you're going through. I'm around your age and pretty much all of those things that you are experiencing. I've been experiencing things like this (sometimes much worse) ever since I was about 3.

Clairaudiency: I'm clairaudient, too. You have high irritability simply because you can hear things so good that it irritates/distracts you. I sometimes listen to my ipod at night because there'll be too much noise for me to sleep (and listening to music helps me fall asleep much faster)

Spirits: Sometimes the best thing to do when an evil spirit is around is to stay near electronics and power tools. Stay away from rust nails, pipes, old sheds/garages, anything old and creepy looking (I've learned from experience). If that doesn't work then just try ignoring them for a while. It'll eventually be hard to, though. After that try asking them what they want. They'll either tell you or you'll see what they want through your mind's eye.

Meditating: I know what you mean by floating and feeling like you're in a pool/hottub. I'm not so sure about the white light, though. What you could've been seeing is your aura.

By the way, your friend can sense, see, and hear spirits like you can.

Nov 02, 2010
You awaking
by: m

Sounds like you are ready for the next gift. It is trastional from one to the other. Normally it happens in our teens. I was 13 when it happened to me. Never be afraid of spirits. There are too many good verses bad. The good protect us. Like angels, that is what I call them. They appear to me like angels. This is a bad time for most of us. October and November are all souls months. This is when they come and visit family and places they may have lived and have fond memmories of. As for the one in your closet he needs you ask him or her what it wants, to show you. If they don't speak you will see flashes of what it needs. If they don't tell them you tired and come back when he.she is ready for you to help them. It works.

Nov 02, 2010
Higher senses
by: omegazap atgmail

I get these things also, most of them, but am not as sensitive as you.
I see black things, like drifting vertical lines as if something is flowing like a miniature waterfall. I've only seen this a few times and i think it's most apparent around metal objects, but I also feel like something is there just beforehand.

Hearing! : I get that also; you can hear people 100feet away or more sometimes. It's a feature I can turn on at will but it seems like I need to do this a lot to be good at it.

Bubbles?; never felt bubbles but floating yes.

Near flowing water: anyone who is psychic I think gets energized from being near water. We feed off it. It's good to use this to tune in. If you can have water rotating down a funnel near your bed at night it's great, and even better if you can sleep with head under the window screen breathing cool humid air. I have the best dreams this way, and can control them best this way. Nearly every night I dream of the events to come the next day. You have to wake up slowly and try hard to remember all the details or you'll forget. You sometimes can tell yourself what to dream about before you sleep, but usually whatever the mind is most excited about the day before is what the focus is. This morning I dreamed of walking around the mall. Evidently it will be the most exciting part of today. That's good. No worries.

Talking to dead spirits: My aunt's husband Lewis, his mom died over a year ago. She came to me in the middle of a waking nap a few days ago and showed me a picture of Lewis when he was about 25.

Ghosts of dead people not left earth?; I suppose so, they don't bother me since I have a very strong will, but I can feel them sometimes.

Help fighting bad spirits; You can only do so much with your mind until you're good at telling them off. Until then, they hate electrical currents that oscillate, they annoy them. They will hang around cast iron pipes of old houses, even rusty nails, but they can't stand blenders or power tools.

omegazap at gmail

also mikefromspace on youtube

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