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Mind-Body-Soul Empowerment

by Riitta Simoinen-Duah

Are you running away from or towards the life you want to have? A free course: Know who you are, know what you want and go for it! may help you.

This course is born out of frustration to the fact that most of the information on the internet concerning the Law of Attraction is inadequate or outdated, as well as from the need to empower as many people as possible to learn how use this incredible power which affects us all the time whether we realize it or not.

The most important thing to understand concerning the Law of Attraction is that we are always responsible of creating the circumstances in our lives which we are experiencing, whether we create them deliberately or unintentionally. It is vital to take responsibility of our choices and their consequences, as with responsibility you claim your power to be the powerful creator of your life’s circumstances. It is very tempting (and human) to blame external conditions for what we are experiencing but by doing so you give away the authority over your life. You would be be stating that you are not in control, someone else is. And none of what I’m going to teach you will really work for you. Our lives are a sum of choices we have made, intentions that we hold, thoughts and feelings we have and action we take.

Using the Law of Attraction to your benefit is not hard, but it does require effort; conscious choices and action steps accordingly. You can use visualization to support your new choices, to push yourself into action, but trying to use visualization alone will never be enough. It’s against the law of physics and the Law of Attraction is all about physics. Manifestation always happens at the physical level – unless you want to create more fantasies.

So where have the interpretations of The Law of Attraction gone wrong? Why they do not work? Have you had any lasting results or results at all? If not, do you know why?

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