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by Starheart
(The Rockies)

Oranum Psychics - StarHeart

Oranum Psychics - StarHeart

My story, so far.. When I was young, my dad took me on a road trip. During the late evening, as we turned off our hotel television and prepared to go to sleep, I remember my father giving me such a serious look and asked me very simply, "..Do you want to learn magick?" And since then, I've never been the same. Since I was only very small, I remember some of my first experiences as paranormal. Learning Gardnerian Wicca only gave a sense of clarity to what I had been experiencing. My tutelage came over many, many years. To me, my father was the Merlin to my Arthur. He was in and out of my life, and when I visited him, I always had more to learn. Five years later, at the age of 13, I was allowed to perform my very first ritual. I had participated in them, before, but never had I lead one.

Since acquiring Gardnerian knowledge, I moved on from Wicca and began to stufy various mysticisms. The first real, second study I undertook was that of Druidry. I donned the fiery red robes, and earned my nickname as the Druid of the Concrete Jungle. By this time, I was in high school. Red robes suited me.

By that time, I had taken part in black magick reversals, skyclad rites, bindings, exorcisms, blood magic, healing rituals, sabbat celebration and holiday rites, spirit journeys, the wild hunt through the deep woods of Ohio, funeral rites, mass ritual, and I was the high priest of my very first coven, and the only one I had ever been a part of. Sometimes I doubt I will find another. I had also taken on students of my own.

It was when I began to learn about shamanism that my life began to truly fall apart. They say that every shaman is born through crisis. This is no less true for me. I lost every part of me for a very long time. I even lost my faith for many years. That is why, instead of having been a pagan for 22 years, I've only accumulated 17 years worth of study.

C'est la vie.

I now stand before you a shaman. As a shaman, I travel to the other Worlds, speak with spirits and guardians, and help the community of Earth in any way that I can. So..

How can I help YOU? Find me on Oranum and search name: StarHeart

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