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Mushrooms In The Distance

by Devinesight
(Virginia Beach )

This occurred to me last year and I felt compelled to share. I was meditating and feel asleep then entered a dream where I was with my two children playing and it seemed I had just had a baby (funny I'm pregnant now 6 month)

I had all windows up in the home because it was extremely hot, the hottest day recorded from statements on the news channel.

It seemed to be mid-afternoon with the sun still out. Both my boys were in my arms. I put my oldest down to tend to the crying baby who seem so small. As I went to pick up the baby a rumble shook and alarms went off. People outside started yelling loud and in the distance a bright flash of light which appeared to resemble a mushroom cloud had spread across the sky.

I felt my heart sink and inside I felt hopeless for some reason. That I grabbed my babies with all the strength I had and immediately awoke from the dream.

This frightened me as it was not the first time this dream occurred. It happened last night again.

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