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My Demon Staff

by Tina
(Bullhead City)

I was 18 when I found him or should I say he found me. Sleeping away nice and tired and my dream turned to ancient Egypt.

I saw a man who was being mummified by high priests. Then I woke up. I felt different like wild. I wanted to go out more argue more with my boyfriend. I wanted to do drugs, have sex, and most of all, I developed a strange craving to cut myself.

Knowing me I thought all these weird feelings, like I needed to ruin my life, were my own minds way of slowly killing myself out of depression. Only it wasn't out of sadness. The more I hurt myself the more good I felt. I would imagine this deep sick laugh in the pit of my belly. Then my, once good, personality changed.

I've always been very kind. Now all I could do was laugh hysterically when someone got hurt. Then I started to lose it. Every time I turned my sink on or my bathtub or a water fountain all I could imagine was blood instead of water. The water looked like water by my heart felt like it was blood. My mind was telling me it wasn't water. It was blood. I started laughing at it every time and giggled inside with a sick obsession of the water being what I felt to be blood. Then the cutting increased.

One day I finally had another dream of a castle. A dark castle with storm clouds, pouring rain, lightning and thunder and three ghosts told me my soul would be trapped in the castle. That I'd never be free and even if I could ever escape and get rid of the spirit that has me that there are others that will take his place.

In heartbreaking terms I was told my soul was all ready sold to about five other spirits that roamed that castle and I would never leave.

I woke up sad and terrified. I started to feel haunted and like my body wasn't mine any more. Every time I looked in the mirror my eyes would glow. My once pretty green eyes looked brown sometimes. With red around in the white part. I was feeling sad. I no longer did drugs and realized the drugs were a cover up to let the demon sneak in my body, my mind and soul. Every night I went to bed I prayed to god to not let him kill me.

Every night I would dream of a dark castle with mean flying ghosts circling above it - taunting me. My actual thoughts started to change. Every time I thought something a second thought would pop in my mind. Only it sounded evil. I would think what a nice day. Then my mind without my consent would think it only be nice if there were dead bodies everywhere.

When my mind was being taken over I came to one conclusion. I need to go to the doctor. I must be suffering from multiple personality disorder. I wanted meds. I was suicidal. I couldn't live with this thing inside of me. I wanted to die. My soul felt trapped.

In one last effort to prove to myself that I wasn't crazy and in fact was haunted by a real demon in my body I made a plan to kick him out and put him in something. Like a jar? Maybe a necklace? Anything I could think of.

I met a friend who did witchcraft and I talked to him about demons. He said if it was true I could bind him. He told me my demon wasn't more powerful than me. That I had more power. Then, god knows, I got a feeling about how to get rid of him. I had a staff, I had got from an old Indian ruin, carved from a branch of a tree, someone had found for me. I took some black paint and wrote I bind thee on the staff. I drew an eye inside of a cage. And to get the demon out I did my final cut. I sealed it with blood. I told my friend - now I watch and wait to see if that stick does anything to see if it was real or not. And if not then I need to go to the doctor.

Low and behold my thoughts were answered. My friend had told me he actually heard a voice come from the staff telling him to let him out. Also telling him to be evil. My friend told me my staff was truly evil. When he went to sleep the stick was on the other side of the room, when he woke up it was moved to the side it wasn't on.

My friends would come over and get a weird vibe from this staff. They swore up and down when they had walked by when I was gone it moved by itself - only a couple inches but had literally moved like someone was touching it. The doors to my house would swing open by themselves. I would shut a window go to sleep and find it wide open when I walked back in. It was then I realized that I needed to do something.

I grabbed that staff and I felt a bad pain in my neck like a knife was cutting me and I heard a voice barely audible say "I hope you die". I dropped the staff and left it alone.

Here I am still scared of something that had haunted my very soul for years. I asked my witchcraft friend to help me. He took the staff into his room and did something to it. I don't know what but when he was done the staff stopped sending evil vibes. It was still evil but only it sounded like it was scared. My friend told me he took the staff and sent it to hell and brought that demon his own personal hell inside the staff to scare it into submission. It had worked.

But when my friend was around, or I was, would this staff behave. I kept that staff to keep watch and to make sure it never got out to attach itself to me again. When I took it to my new boyfriend's house it seemed fine. When I left for a day my boyfriend who swore up and down spirits weren't real actually herd it speak to him.

When I came home I found my boyfriend with a cut on his arm and a paper with blood on it saying I want my girlfriend to love me. I begged my boyfriend to tell me why had he cut himself? He pointed and told me because I heard your stick. I heard crying and I thought someone was here. I looked in the room and your stick was there. I remember you telling me this stick was evil but I didn't believe it. But then I tried to talk to it to see if it was true. I asked it who it was? It told me it was your heart. It said you would never love me. It told me the only way you would love me is if I would bleed for you. It told me to cut my arm and write it on a paper that I want you to love me. When I did it I didn't feel any pain. It said that it would take the pain away if I cut myself.

Then the stick started taunting me and told me I should kill myself. When my boyfriend told me this my heart broke. I knew this demon had gotten to him when I wasn't there to protect my boyfriend from him. I picked that staff up and slammed it on the ground and told it was going to stop messing with people. I slapped it right on the picture of the eye I drew on my staff. I took my staff, aka the stick ,and threw it outside. I then told my boyfriend to never ever talk to that staff again. I told him I would keep it with me to make sure it never gets out to take over my body again or take over another persons body. I told him to never listen to a demon and all a demon wants is to kill you.

When I tell people I am a psychic that can deal with helping demons leave someone's body I get funny looks. But when you have lived it personally then you know what it's like.

Sometimes I keep that demon around because he was a part of me for so long. Sometimes I think it's crazy to call it my demon. Sometimes I think why would it happen to me? Why did a demon have to haunt me for so long? But what I do know is that they are real. That they can kill if you let them. That true ghost stories are the ones that effect your heart as my demon did long ago when he made me want to die.

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