My Indigo Experience

by Allan
(Gladstone QLD Australia)

Ever since I was young I had a very in depth knowledge of the world and wanted to know how and why man acted the way it did in a 3d world, I tried to talk to others but they were too busy with there own pre programmed lives to contemplate such nonsense to them so I set out exploring things for myself.

At the time I realize I was different than others was abut 8 when I had a conversation with a friend and it was so deep and spiritual that I thought there is more to life than what we see so I searched more into the unknown.

It went so so until I had a car crash in 1997 and then I saw an alternate reality and that was proof that there is more to life than meets the eye!

I had my proof and now I was fully aware of the other side so I used the info I got from the unknown ideas and voices that were telling me things and ever since I have avoided traps and bad karma and have been able to read human mass consciousness like a road map.

Now I have a wonderful wife a good job and a beautiful son to show for my learnings and its all thanks to letting the fear barrier go with being an indigo.

If you can do it then you will have the edge over your fellow man. Do it for YOU!!!!

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