My Mission as an Indigo Psychic.

by Saeko

I'm Japanese. So, please allow my poor English.

I didn't know about Indigo Children. However, being told by 3 people that I was an Indigo, I checked what it was.....well I seem to be.

I kept on hearing Universal Voice between age 14 and 32(Now I'm 34 and hear it no longer). The Voice told me why I was born in this world and what to do for that mission. Sometimes with very clear Vision, it revealed my future as well.

I was able to tell the difference between my imagination and Vision by this eternal "something". Vision and Voice were of transcendental nature. It enlightened/brightened all existences on the earth, embracing them with love, showing how they are united.

Although it rejoiced my Soul, it was sometimes very painful for my self-hood, because I had to throw away every earthly thing that goes against Voice's direction. For example, when I was determined to marry...Voice told me to leave my country. I was not allowed to stay with my most beloved person.

Whether I liked it or not, I was destined to accomplish the plan by this "something". In fact, whenever I ignored the Voice, I got mental disorder. So, there was no other way but to follow it. Also, All Visions about my future came true later on.

Following the Voice and the Vision, I flew out of my homeland Japan, in 2002, to Germany where I had no one to turn to, and during 4 years which followed, I wrote and released 2 albums as I was told by the Voice.

I'll appreciate it if you read my lyrics on my web-site: (2nd album) (1st album)

To describe eternal Voice, words are so insufficient that I had to use music and my life itself.

On finishing these 2 albums in 2006, Voice told me that I accomplished my mission of this life:"Now you are free. Live as YOU like." So, I went back to Japan. Since then, although I sometimes feel the existence of that "something", I don't hear Voice or see Vision as clearly as before.

To tell the truth, having finished with my mission, I feel empty now. From yearlong fight and loneliness, I feel tired as well. Besides that, my albums didn't sell well, which often makes me ask this "something" why I had to accomplish these 2 albums, sacrificing my love. Did my songs help someone? Did they show Truth to some people? If not, why?

Of course, most people can't imagine such strain and they tell me how lucky I am, leading such an eventful life! All I can do is to smile, because no one would believe that I was simply called by Voice to tell His Love for all....sometimes at the expense of my personal love.

Is there anyone who share similar experiences? Do you hear it? Do you see it? I need people who see such an ultimate world. Also, I would like to know why I'm still here--alive. Is there anything more for me to do?

Finally, if you're interested, details are written in my biography:

Thank you.

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Jul 18, 2009
Thank you for your comment
by: Saeko

I'm very happy to know that there is someone who understands what I experienced. Thank you very much.

I wish you all the best,

May 29, 2009
I Understand
by: Anonymous

I too have visions of thew future. I also have a calling, and I believe it is to be a soldier. I too have feelings of doubt. Like what if my visions of the future dont come true? What will my purpose? I really admire your bravery for following your calling! I also have the feeling of "I have something to do but dont know what. I dont have a job now, and something keeps telling me to draw nature scenery and post my art on E-bay. This seems so calming to me because I enjoy nature and art, but the logical side tells my to look for a job. Perhaps I will follow your example and just go for it! Thankyou for your brave example!

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