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Needle in a Haystack

by Ron David
(Port St Lucie FL)

In 1972 I bought a set of 3 paperweights; they were the first nice things I bought for my new apartment. They were in a window of a fancy store on Lex Ave in NYC. It sounds strange but they did more than caught my eye. They had a very strong energy that pulled me in. I bought them and really enjoyed having something that nice that I paid for.

About a month later I was offered a great job in California. I was very low on money, a friend offered to let me move my things on a train car that he was moving his business to California on. I took him up on it to save some money. Everything got to California, but my 4 boxes wound up in a warehouse of over 300 other boxes that all looked the same. The friend didn’t really turn out to be such a good friend because when it came time for me to get my things he couldn’t care less.

Well the only things of any meaning to me were my paperweights. After a few weeks we went to the warehouse to look for them. Well this guy couldn't care less about me finding my things. About 45 minutes in a hot warehouse no luck. Then we heard this bang of something hitting the floor, looked over to see my paperweight rolling toward me. I was shocked not only that this was happening but that the paperweight weighed about 3 lbs and is made of glass. It only suffered a small chip, I still have all three proudly in my living room. True story.

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