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Negative Energy Haunts My Sleep

by Brittany

Negative energy haunts me in my sleep... It's getting worse. I've never been superstitious but I need some help or information because I'm starting to worry.

I moved to Florida about 8 years ago with my immediate family after some issues between my parents. It is a nice size house for our family of 5 and I got a room on the side of my house almost right next to my sister. I always used to have trouble sleeping in the past before our move and it didn't seem to change once in this room.

Back in high school I can faintly remember several nightmares I had. I noticed that they all seemed to have some type of trend:

I was almost never being chased.

I was followed and had restriction from me leaving the fear.

I always had a great sense of fear for my life.

I almost always would wake up mid-night and upon falling asleep the dream would re-occur.

I had a dream on one occasion when I slept in that room a few years ago similar to Jeepers Creepers and was being followed by a lurking dark, tall figure in fear that I would be skinned. I woke up gasping and at the foot of my bed there was a dark outlined figure that went away after a few seconds of blinking.

I moved out of my house for several years, recently moved home and slept in a different bedroom upstairs. When sleeping in this room I can't recall having any night-terrors, besides a few of finding out my grandmother was falsely said to have died.

My parents recently had me move my room back into my former room downstairs so they could make the upstairs into an entertainment room. I was very nervous about doing this and frankly was scared.

I've been in this room for a month now maybe two and my nightmares have returned. I am having nightmares on a weekly basis.

One night I woke up gasping after I recalled being in a SUV with my best friend and driving off a cliff.

Another night I had a dream similar to Saw. I remember hearing the pain and fear in people’s voices and a panic to get away. There was a definite person instilling this fear and that was after me. I remember escaping from this hell-hole of a building and just taking off into woods. I found this house and entered into it, hoping me and 1-3 people could hide from it. We realized we were trapped again and this time we knew there was no exit.

The nightmare I had last night was intense. There was a woman who kidnapped a large group of teens and young adults like me. She had us all in fenced in and would select certain people to be placed in another holding area where the rest of us could watch. They were tortured and killed. I just had this feeling like once we were selected; it was our only chance to possibly live. I along with my boyfriend and sister tried to escape by jumping a fence. We came to another fence that was completely electrified. We watched a girl stumble after being shocked trying to escape. I remember being attacked and laying on the ground with people who cared about me surrounding me. I had a feeling and sensation that I was dead after and almost sinking out of my body.

I awoke and couldn't go back to sleep.

If anyone had any information or ideas as to what this might be or what could be causing this. Please contact me by posting on this blog. Thank you for reading.

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