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Patricia Obsidian

by Patricia

Sunflower Faerie

Sunflower Faerie

Namaste, I am a 10th generation Sardinain Psychic and Healer. I am a child of nature, wild and free and was born to the green path of the ancient wise woman of the forests.

I can assist you in creating a life of joyful abundance through positive insight and choices. I specialize in healing souls, hearts and minds and moving into the light. I am extremely intuitive and empathic I offer long distance healing in addition to spiritual counselling on all matters.

I am also a pet and plant psychic, a master herbalist, an author and spiritual mentor.

I have 30 years professional experience and look forward to our work.

I offer spiritual and emotional counselling on the deepest of levels.

Empower, enrich and enlighten your life.

Live how you wish, free and in joy!

Patricia Obsidian

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