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Pisces Indigo in a Nutshell:

Pisces Indigo

Pisces Indigo

Late bloomer?
Check. Didn't start writing music til my 20's.
Can't stick to 1 instrument?
Hate long lines/skip them?
Double check.
Like languages?
Check. Jack of all trades, master of none.
Think outside the box?
Check. Usually Mcguyver things together to work.
Get a "hunch" or premonition about people?
Peace keeper, unless there's an underdog to fight for?
Double check.
Thought you were royalty as a little kid?
'fraid so.
Does not do mornings/wake up fast?
Check plus.
Senses heightened at night?
Like a cat. TVs, computers turned way down. Must touch fences.
Does not accept absolute authority w/out a "Why?"
People comment on your eyes?
long face?
Ruled by the feet?
And slight RLS.

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Aug 06, 2010
well hello mirror
by: caferacer

double check ad infimum to the nth power x's Pi. Ever feel your alone in the room no matter how full despite the commitment and compassion you feel for them? Then you know how much sustenance comes from reading your post - thanks for that.

A sundancer.

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