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Practicing Mediumship on Ghost Hunts

by Dawn Marshall (Frisco, TX, USA)

Before professionally practicing mediumship I was a newbie like anyone else learning about being psychic.  I have had psychic abilities all my life but wasn't quite sure what they were. Often my family would tell me to "quit being weird" when I would say I was talking to someone that no one but me could see. And people were constantly telling me to "quit being so sensitive". So I ignored the information I was receiving and the spirits I was seeing, and they went away for the most part. 

Practicing Mediumship on Ghost Hunts

However later in life, these things started coming back, and once I realized that "something" was going on, I wanted to figure out what exactly this thing was. I got my hands on every book about psychic ability and ghosts I could, and watched every show I could on the topic.

One night, I saw a show called "Lisa Williams - Life Among the Dead". While watching the show, I realized that I could do the same thing and the light bulb went off in my head; "So, this is what this is called - a psychic medium!". On her show, she visited a haunted house, and I decided that would be a great way to test out my mediumship skills.

So I found a local group that was having a ghost hunt at a local place of business, grabbed a friend and was on my way.

There were other people there, some just in it from the purely ghost aspect, while others there claimed to be "sensitives". We decided to just go at it on our own and see what information we received. 

Once we started receiving information, it was coming so quickly, we barely had time to document it all. Both of us received that there were two spirits there who were brothers and used to run a business there. We also intuited that one of them shot a man outside and killed him as a result of a scuffle. We received their last names, what they looked like and their personalities. When we asked the manager if he could verify our ghost story he replied that nothing like that had every happened there. 

At first I was very disappointed, but I decided to get online when I got home and see if I could verify any of the information.

To my delighted surprise I found an article that confirmed many of the details we received! It was from an old newspaper and the story was regarding how a brother of a saloon owner shot and killed a man (on that same street!).

Also, one of the names we received was correct as well! And thus, my career of practicing mediumship began. Every day I learn more and more about the spirit world, and every day I love doing what I do more and more.

I would definitely suggest to anyone interested in practicing mediumship, to go on a ghost hunt. Choose an established group, and the ideal group would have at least one medium or sensitive so that they can confirm the information you are receiving. This is a great way to "practice" your skills. is a great place to find a ghost hunting group in your area. So happy hunting!

Practicing Mediumship

Dawn Marshall - a Practicing Medium at

Dawn Marshall is a psychic medium, a paranormal investigator, an author, a counselor, a Mom, a wife, a crafter, and a computer geek among other things.

From her website Dawn is professionally practicing mediumship and offers (non woo-woo) psychic readings, medium readings, healings and information on spiritual and healing topics.

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Comments About Practicing Mediumship on Ghost Hunts

On Practicing Mediumship - by Authentic Psychic Medium Valerie Gayle

Authentic Psychic Medium Valerie Gayle

A practicing medium isn't always able to bring the person through you want. I will explain why. At least for me, I have to connect to my guides or a higher power to get permission for loved ones to come through. After this, it's important that I let the people in spirit come through, as they please. After the first one comes through, that is, if you are still open to this experience, more info comes. There may be names, images or places and locations that need to be interpreted. It's okay if another medium or myself, asks if this makes sense to you. It's not always clear if the visions and names are correct, until the client can confirm this information. 

Sometimes there is a click feeling when I just know the info is right on, even if the client does not recognize the info at the time. I may pursue the issue, until the client recognizes what I'm saying. There are also times, when a loved one will bring up a name of a friend or family member, from twenty years ago and sometimes it's very hard to remember this. I totally understand and am very patient about this. Mediumship is not for everyone and some may find it sad, but for some it’s very comforting.

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