Pregnant in Dreams

by Raeleen
(Fl, US)

I have never had a dream about being pregnant. I am 21 and have not been active in "that" way for several years. Point being, I have strong feelings for someone who I have met online a month ago, he lives CA and I live in FL so there is quite a bit of separation between us and we have yet to meet personally. I was the only person in my dream, I was seeing myself about 4-6 months pregnant (with his child), like I said, I was by myself he didn't know I was pregnant in the dream.

I have to say, I have a slight fear of kids, they make me really nervous, so this kind of dream was really strange to me. The most amazing part about the dream, other than the fact of having his child, was how unexplainable my feelings were. I was completely and totally happy and at peace with everything (me being alone and with his child). I have never felt that way before, especially in reality. It really means something to me; I just don't know what... Thank you.

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