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Princess Diana Premonition

by Caroline
(South Africa)

I had developed a strange interest in Princess Diana; a kind of a concern. I watched the Panorama TV interview and announced out loud, "she is not going to live long."

Why? I had a feeling- that is all. Then I was in a car with a car salesman, I said, "a Mercedes is the safest car to be in an accident?" He said yes. I then said," but it is not completely safe," Again it was just a feeling.

Then I dreamt about a blonde woman climbing into a black big car, and I was above, and I grabbed her blonde hair with much force and tried to pull her and stop her from getting into the car. The emotion was extreme. I woke up and told my husband exactly what I dreamt. The dream had disturbed me. Eventually, I went back to sleep.

The next morning at nine my mother phoned and said Princess Diana was dead. I was shocked. I turned Television on and watched the nonstop coverage and then I remembered my dream about eleven.

I have had many experiences but this was one of the weirdest - I was stunned.

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