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Pros and Cons of Empathy

by Tali
(Derby, UK)

The pros and cons of empathy ...

Well the pros are;

I can pick up when a dear friend needs some help or just a chat by the drop in their energy.

I can be a friendly ear or a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

I can be a good mediator when tempers are rising and there is a need for a calm and level head.

I can usually tell the atmosphere in a room as soon as I walk in and can transform the aura of people by lifting spirits.


I can pick up on very negative people.

I can take on others emotions as my own (gettign better at dispelling it tho lmao).

I can feel down for no reason and realise its people in the same shop/road/bus etc.

Even though there are pros and cons I love being an empath and just knowing when I need to say something to a friend that will lift their spirits and allow them to feel good about themselves.

Tali xxx

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