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Targeting Psychic Accuracy

So you want a reader with proven psychic accuracy. Here's what to look for in your search.

Your first psychic reading can range from very, very good to a total waste of time and money. Many times, it’s a case of caveat emptor or let the buyer beware. But, I aim to help you do better than that!

Where to Look for a Good Psychic

Dialogue with staff at your local metaphysical book and new age stores. If it’s happening in the psychic field, they will know about it. Take advantage of their promotions, such as free mini-readings, guided meditations, classes, etc. 

Another option is to explore psychic bios on the internet. Popular psychic portals usually subject their psychic readers to rigorous testing. Client comments show level of satisfaction and are authentic, because a private reading is required to leave comments.

What type psychic would best suit your needs? Tarot reader? Astrologer? Numerologist? Clairvoyant? Love or Career Specialist? Large psychic portals have a provision to select psychics by type.

Notes on Looking for Psychic Accuracy

Targeting Psychic AccuracyTargeting Psychic Accuracy

Just because a psychic charges a high rate per minute doesn’t mean they will be the best. Often psychics who are new to the business will have similar skill sets, but charge a lower fee and try harder to please to build-up their reputation.

Use your intuition when looking for an accurate psychic. You may be unconsciously linking with your psychic’s energy. If you get an uneasy feeling, perhaps you aren’t a good match with him or her. Just end the session graciously and keep looking.

Psychics who peddle potions and spells and strongly urge you to keep coming back, are not interested in your highest good. They are interested in your wallet.

In an ideal world, everybody would share their spiritual gifts for the love of humanity. Unfortunately, our society is not that enlightened yet. We still must pay for services. Especially since psychic work is their business. The more experienced and versatile they are, the more they probably charge. Still, there are plenty of mid-priced psychics to choose from.

Meet Our Psychics

After you’ve decided on 2-3 potential psychics, find out if you can do a short pre-interview with them. (Be certain they aren’t charging your account for each minute of the pre-interview.) Do they try to coerce you into choosing a psychic immediately? If you’re speaking face-to-face, does the psychic keep looking at his watch. Does she have a calming demeanor?

Another option is checking out free readings. That way you can review your notes afterwards to see if it has the ring of truth.

Be cautious when a psychic queries you too much. It would appear they are searching for a focus for your reading. Good psychics can feel your energy vibrations and tap into higher realms for answers and insights.

Accurate Psychic Reviews

One of the best ways of choosing a great psychic is to find out what others already think. Honest feedback from other clients is an obvious thing to look for. Read about or recommend the most reputable clairvoyants in our accurate psychic reviews project.

About Accurate Psychic Advice

Levi Ormsby shines his helpful light on accurate psychic advice. Say your first session was extremely insightful and totally on the ball and then that reader’s accuracy plateaus off and leaves you feeling less than inspired. Here’s why you don’t always hit 100%