Psychic Andrew The Romance Psychic - So Real He Is Amazing

by Jenny
(Jupiter Florida)

So Real He Is Amazing

So Real He Is Amazing

Well since I found this amazing psychic here from a post from another psychic-junkie member I thought I would go ahead and tell everyone about the results of my reading with this very talented psychic. He is called Psychic Andrew "The Romance Psychic" great name better results.

I must say that after reading not just the post's about psychic Andrew here but on many other web pages I was a bit skeptical. Everything I read about him sounded too good to be true.

I was soooo wrong, from the moment Psychic Andrew answered the call and without much more than just my boyfriends name he started picking up on everything. I have been using psychics for many years and this was about the first time I was spooked. Not only did he tell me from the beginning of the call why I was calling and what I wanted to know but he spit out things I was not even expecting such as the accident Kevin my Bf was just in, down to the color and the fact that he drives a truck he knew right away the reason I was calling. We had a huge fight one of many lately and psychic Andrew picked it up within a minute or two.

Every question I asked Andrew he was able to answer and answer honestly. Didn't probe me for info as so many psychic's do. The one thing I will say and this was a plus for me but maybe not for others was that Andrew is very honest. He tells it like it is without any waste of time but the best part of my reading with him was that he gave me a solution to my problem and explained how I should change a few actions and how I should act in order to make things work out for us.

I am happy to say that after a few calls to Andrew I am now in the best relationship ever and I will even go so far to say that my relationship is better now than even when we first met. If you have any romance or relationship issues call this psychic now.

I liked the fact that he gave me lots of free minutes after every call, he answers emails and I sent him many of them for free. He says that he likes his clients to email him often so I do and he actually responds to each and everyone of them. I am a bit of a psychic enthusiast but I don't think I will ever call another psychic again, Psychic Andrew is real, very real and if you want the truth and no mumbo jumbo waste your money type nonsense then he is for you.

Thank you psychic-junkie for helping me find this amazing soul and great psychic.

He goes by the name Psychic Andrew, he seems to be called The Romance Psychic by many of his clients and I think he adopted it as his nickname, very well suited. This man is the real thing.

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May 20, 2012
Relationship Readings At It's Best
by: Coleen

I am a major psychic junkie, I have tried most psychics over the last few years and each of them tells me something different. I came across a psychic called psychicandrew they call him The Romance Psychic. This is the first psychic who immediately picked up on my situation before I could say three words.

The unusual thing about psychic Andrew was that not only did he answer my questions very quickly but he was dead accurate. He said a few things that really took me a back. he nailed the fact that the man I was asking about was still married even though I gave him no information that would lead him to say that. He also knew about the bike crash that he was in.

What I love most about Andrew reading was that not only was he able to answer my questions, and know about things without any information at all he gave me solutions to a couple problems I was having.

The communication between me and this man dropped off a few weeks back, Andrew picked up on this and gave me one of his "Spiritual;l Focus" lessons that helped get him to start calling me again and this worked very quickly, within the first week my guy started calling me everyday again.

I contact Andrew now almost every two weeks to help me get closer to my guy and he has done just that. he helped me understand what my man was thinking but more than even that, he explained to me in a way that a women, myself could understand a man. This was huge, he even sent me some of his blog entires that allowed me to understand how men operate when it comes to relationships and this helped me be more sure of myself.

I do not normally write anything about the other psychics that I speak or have spoken with but I felt that I could help many of you find this amazing man. this guy is real.

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May 18, 2012
Psychic Andrew Is The Best
by: Anonymous

I just saw this about my psychic. His name is Andrew. I can not say more about him than the fact that he is real and amazing. You must give him a try. you may never as I have never since called another psychic. I have been calling him for 4 years now and he is amazing. He specializes in relationships butt I have asked him about my job search and he even helped me get the job I wanted. man is this guy for real or what. he is a psychic

You can google him he is very popular. Give him a try he has my nod.

Dec 18, 2010
Spiritual Blog, Meditation downloads, Zen meditation, Self healing
by: Spiritual Blog

Your article is great. here is good information about Psychic readings. I'ts very useful. You have very nice blog.

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