Psychic Dreaming

by Anthony Watts
(The Realms)

Secrets of Psychic Dreaming

Secrets of Psychic Dreaming

If you have ever tried to develop your psychic abilities in the past you may have realized that there is a lot of mental training involved. Chanting for hours, mental concentration exercises, deep breathing exercises and chakra activation techniques. It also requires an ability to hold a clear mind long enough to receive psychic visions and telepathic communication. Can you hold a single concentrated thought for thirty minutes? All of this does not come easy for most people. It can take you many years of training all without much results.

The process can truly take a while and the longer it takes the less convinced you will be about your natural psychic abilities.

The problem is not that these techniques aren’t effective, they actually are but they are certainly not the fastest route. As a matter of fact psychic dreaming is the speedy way through all those techniques.

The average person has very little time in their day to devote to long meditation sessions. And when they do settle in, their mind is wired with constant thoughts and worries of what has happened throughout the day. It’s nearly impossible to develop your psychic abilities with such issues.

Another issue too many people face is their inability to visualize, and this is a crucial component to your psychic development. How can you receive psychic impressions if you are unable to see visions on the inner screen of your mind?

Another issue is the trust factor. As you are in the developmental part of psychic training it can be hard to trust those hunches or random visions.

If you are facing a very pressing issue in your life, you don't have time to deal with a hunch. You want to know and you want to be sure of what you know.

Rightfully you want clear, accurate answers. You want to know, see, feel and believe that what you are getting is a true answer to the questions you have. With psychic dreaming you wake up to a full, clear movie life experience of what you want to know.

Let’s take a deeper look at how it all works.

While sleeping all the obstructions of the physical body are at rest, there is no interference from your conscious mind. You have the ability to experience a full, clear, movie like quality to all your answers. That kind of first hand detail can never be compared to having a psychic give you some vague information. Activating your psychic body only takes a few simple techniques to experience amazing accuracy, unlike studying for years.

Anyone can do this!!!

You can explore unlimited possibilities with full details. There is nothing you cannot get answers on once you access that gateway to the psychic dream realm. No one can hide who they really are once you access and connect to them using dream telepathy. There simply are no secrets in the dream realm. You can simply take a quick nap and access the dream realm at anytime. Your own personal psychic is available to you whenever you want. 24/7 and above all its Free. Once you know the techniques!

These are just a few of the benefits to using psychic dreaming techniques. The rest you would need to find out through personal experience, such as visiting other frequencies of energy or connecting with your own spirit guide or angels.

What you will gain is an unwavering confidence in life. Knowing that you can get the answer on any situation or on anyone can dramatically reduce the amount of fear you experience from living an uncertain life.

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Apr 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

what if a voice wakes you and no one is there? or your wide awake an you feel someone grab you leg and no one is there?

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