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Feeling Other People's Hurt

by Mikey

Since I was sixteen, I started to feel the pain of people who are close to me, it bothered me in the beginning, then I started to study about this strange thing that had overtaken me, and I read books on the subject, and spoke to people who may have had a similar experience. Well few if any had this type of experience, but as I dug deeper, I found out it’s just part of being a human being, an extension of empathy! One of the human emotions, and I discovered, that there's a lot more. Even the five senses can be extended, or might I say return to us, because it has always there but dormant.

God bless and have a great day.


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A Feeling of What's Next

by Tracy
(Cumberland, Maryland)

This has been something that has been going on with me for years now. Some examples of what I have been experiencing I will share now with my viewers.

About 6 times this year, my children's schools had bomb threats. About 4 of those times,I would get a weird feeling come over me like something was wrong. I would go to my bay window,and look at the schools just feeling something was wrong. Soon after that,my home phone would ring,and it was the school messenger stating that there was a bomb threat at the school.

Another time, I was in my car with my husband and children and got another weird feeling. We went into the store within minutes of me feeling this way,and the electricity went out.

Probably my scariest one,was just last week when I awoke to see black wings flowing in like a frame picture with light shining on it in my little boy's closet. Then I heard like a wooshing sound,and looked down and the pillow was covering my little boy's face. A few days after that incident,I awoke to see two African American men's faces on the wall. I do not know if something was going on with them.

The latest one which was last evening,my husband and I were putting groceries in my car trunk. I got the sickest feeling like I was going to get sick. I had a weird pain in my head, and just continued to feel nauseous.

So we get driving down the interstate, and I see smoke. I realized a building was on fire. Once I saw the fire ladder extended over the building, putting the fire out,I felt better. No more nausea, but my head felt a bit funny still. I was worried about anyone being hurt or trapped. I later found out, some fire-fighters suffered heat exhaustion.

What is going on with me? I get these feelings and a majority of the time, something does happen. Do I have psychic abilities? I would love some input.

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Energy and Gut Feelings

by Tae

Well, I'm not sure if this is really a story but I think I'm a weird girl to the point I had a crush on a guy. I didn't really know him all that well, but I was standing right next to him, and for some reason I could just "Feel" his energy. I know it sounds really weird, but it felt like I was connecting with him on a mental level.

It wasn't a gut feeling. I felt my whole body tingling as if strings were being pulled on my skin and there was just this very weird "energy". I did have a gut feeling he liked me too though, (i got that feeling at another event when I saw him). I just KNEW that he had some type of feeling for me. Like right now as I’m typing this I have this very weird sensation in my stomach and a little bit of sorrow in my heart because, who knows? And another time my sister got in A LOT of trouble just being a teenager and my ma was yelling at her and, me and my sis, we are very sensitive when it comes to my mom's judgement. And my mom was like; I'm very disappointed in you!! And my sister seemed hurt so I was in the living room with my mom and my sister walked out with bags under her eyes, obviously crying, and I just KNEW that she was going to try to kill herself. (She didn't, it was just a scam). But I had this gut feeling so i went to the kitchen to and I made a comment. I wasn't trying to talk. I just wanted to see what she was doing and I noticed she took out pills and took a few. I was standing there and i felt my stomach drop. Then she said the words "Bye, Mom" and I just knew.

Just for the record she didn't kill herself. But IDK...I just get these weird energies and they are so intense and unexplainable. Right now I have this sensation in my stomach. It’s sort of like a longing for something, maybe it is anxiety.


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Feeling Force

by Spiro
(Homosassa,FL USA)

This is not a story, but at times I feel this heavy negative force. Feeling it really prevents me from receiving any good feelings.

I have my own business and only when this force is eased am I able to continue and receive bookings for my business.

I do not know what it is I feel like it is pushing me to the edge and that I have to give up and loose all the things that are important to me.

I have a hard time describing this feeling to my wife. I can feel it at the moment and I am also aware when it is going to stop and not until it stops am I able to make money and go on with my business.

I have no idea as to what it is.
My birthday is 5/22/43.

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