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Psychic in the City

by Tanya
(Newcastle, UK )

How many times have you spoken to a reader and ended the reading feeling flatter than you did when you phoned as your questions were not answered?

I've been there, the frustration and dwindling bank balance, the conflicting advice, can leave you not knowing whether you are coming or going.

Empathy is different to sympathy, I genuinely care about every single client, each reading comes from a place of love and my aim is empowerment. I'm psychic, an empath, and have all the clairs. My readings are fun and modern and there is no sugar coating, why would I tell you what you want to hear? You have friends who can do that, I tell you what you need to hear and I do this with compassion, honesty and integrity.

I love it when a client doesn't need to come back and I only hear from them to tell me how well their life is going.

I'm passionate about my work, non judgmental and will tell you everything I see with the deepest integrity and 100% honesty.

I have clients from all over the world, from all walks of life and everyone is treat with exactly the same loving care.

Much love

Tanya x

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