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Psychic Melody's Soul Mate Readings

by Melody Day

The Soul Mate Connection Truly a Spiritual Journey

The Soul Mate Connection Truly a Spiritual Journey

One of the most significant readings I engage in is the Soul Mate reading. In my time as a professional psychic, I have given countless readings to my clients, wondering who their Soul Mates are, and whether they are with the Love of Their Life. We each have numerous Soul Mates who take on various forms as we cycle through each life time. We may re-encounter them as Lovers, Friends, and Family Members and even as Pets. The most important factor is the deep emotional bond we share with each Soul and the ensuing Karmic lessons that we will learn.

This is perhaps one of my favorite psychic readings, as the exploration of a Soul Mate connection is truly a spiritual journey - one that I am privileged to share with my clientele. As I connect with each individual, we exchange the energies that influence the life path, the choices in partners, lessons in love, and explore spiritual imbalances that need to be realigned. This is a sacred connection that I treasure and consider as more of a spiritual counseling. For insightful, accurate psychic readings into the relationships of your past, present or future, a Soul Mate reading is a wonderful gateway to learning the hidden desires and obstacles that weave their way into our human experience.

Readings are offered via Email, Online Chat or by Phone.

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Mar 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Nothing she said ever was true ... but I was taken for a lot of money because I was in a vulnerable state and taken advantage of. big lesson for me.

Jun 16, 2009
by: Psychic Melody Day

Thank you for all your support! I really appreciate your beautiful comments. My site has moved to for those of you who've been trying to contact me.

Melody Day
1 (800) 530-9952

May 17, 2009
Highly recommended psychic
by: Jenna-Leigh

I've had a lot of readings and all the psychics always said the same things, that I was with my soulmate but each time I was with a different boyfriend so I knew it couldn't be real. Melody told me something very different and I knew she was right. I was stuck attracting the same kind of guys and wouldn't meet my soulmate until I understand and break the cycle. She told me details that you need to be in my life to know and helped me see what was really going on. She doesn't tell you what you hope to hear, she tells you what you need to know to fix your life. I highly recommend her. She is very gifted!

May 09, 2009
Soul Mate Reading from Psychic Melody Day
by: Michelle A.

I have had some of the most painful relationships with men that all started out wonderfully and then gradually turned into something like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. With each heartbreak, I swore I was through with men, but a few months later, I would fall in love again.

When I was desperate for some answers and therapy wasn't really going well, my girlfriend suggested that I get a Soul Mate Reading to find out what kind of Karmic cycles I may be going through in this lifetime. If you feel stuck in a repetitive cycle with your relationships, this is what you should consider doing. Psychic Melody was able to pinpoint exactly why I was attracting and falling for the same kind of man! She did several tarot spreads and asked specifically about each of my ex-husbands and boyfriends and told me what my soul had to learn from each one.

I was amazed by her reading and the insight she provided! It was really comforting to know that I was talking to someone who was not judging me and so empowering to understand the patterns from a spiritual level, not just from psychotherapy, because after years of counseling, the therapy obviously didn't work.

I really like that Melody didn't just hang up on me when my time was over. She stayed on the line with me to finish answering my question and completed the conversation. I tend to lose focus if I feel rushed, but she didn't make me feel that way at all. Melody seemed to know what my next question was and started talking about things that were on my mind so I didn't have to keep track of my questions and worry that I would forget something.

Her testimonials are great, and genuine, since they actually link back to the people who have left them. The Soul Mate Reading is what I started with and is really helpful.

Michelle A. - Pensacola, FL

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