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Psychic Ratings

by Barb



When rating psychics, are 1 star psychic ratings deserved? Amongst the Readers here on Keen, LivePerson and other sites, there is much debate about this topic on our forums. We all feel very bad when someone is unhappy with our services, but the question is, what is deserving of a bad rating, and what isn't? Some people come to us, and expect us to tell them what they want to hear, be it the truth or not. Myself, as well as many others, just will not do that. I personally feel it would be completely wrong of a reader to give someone hope where none truly exists, and that doing so would not benefit the caller in any way. However, there are those who when they do not get what they want, take it out on the reader by leaving a 1 star, and nasty comment like "TOTAL FAKE"... "NOT PSYCHIC"... etc.

To me, this is ABUSE of the psychic ratings system, and it does indeed amount to something like going in front of a store that was out of what you wanted, when you did not even call to see if they had it, and picketing with a sign that says "THEY DON'T SELL WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO"...

1 Star posts hurt our reputation in a major way. Lots of us notice a serious decline in calls from even ONE of them. I am posting this so that we can discuss openly through comments what you, the clients, feel is a legitimate reason to leave bad feedback, and what you feel is just sour grapes.

Here is my list of 5 reasons why I might leave a negative comment about a reading...

1- Excessive noise in the background. Sorry, but if I am paying by the minute to speak to you, I need to be able to hear you, and know you are not distracted by what goes on outside this call. It is MY responsibility as a reader to make sure that I am in a quiet area where I can hear and be heard, and I do expect at least the same from someone I spend MY money on.

2- Person does not say much about what I am asking, or sounds like they are reading from a script. Yes folks, this DOES happen, in this business, unfortunately. Some sites do not check credentials, so one time or another a person like this does get through... However, they are usually caught quickly, when the clients call Customer Service to let them know. Thank Goodness.

3- I am told that I have a "curse" on me, or other negative stuff that they, the reader need to "meditate" on, WHILE I WAIT ON THE PHONE. Sorry folks, while I do believe in curses, NO ONE should keep you on the phone doing spellwork or meditating. These things are done IN ADDITION to a call, and should be INCLUDED in the initial consultation call's price, if you are ethical. Charge more per minute if you must (for supplies and time) but don't try to extend a call with that tactic.

4- I can hear, quite distinctly, through slurred speech and other types of indicators, that the reader is intoxicated severely. Sadly, it has occurred, and to me, if you need to be drunk or high to do this, you shouldn't be doing it. Alcohol and drugs IMPAIR psychic ability, they don't enhance it, and that's just something I feel very strongly should never happen.

5- Rude, Obnoxious, or Abusive person who hangs up on me for ANY reason. Yes, we do get difficult readings from time to time, but there is NEVER call to tell that person off or just hang up. You can politely say, "Sorry, I don't think I am able to help you further, and will be disconnecting the call now" without being rude or just hanging up.

Now, a list of 5 reasons I would NEVER leave 1 star psychic ratings, even if I was not happy with my reading:

1- I am told the person in question is no longer interested in having a relationship. Yes, that may hurt, and I may even disagree, but the reader is telling me what they get from their sources, and are being honest. HONEST readings are what you want, right? What good does a lie do to help your life?

2- Predictions did not happen as the reader has said they would. Guys, we aren't here to tell you EXACTLY what MUST happen next. Readings are meant for GUIDANCE, not set in stone predictions. Situations will sometimes change, maybe someone who still had feelings for you at the time of this reading has since the reading met someone else. Why didn't we see it? We don't always know why information about the future is held back, but we do know it is always for a good reason. To penalize a reader because something did not turn out as you wanted it is not really right at all.

3- The reading is totally different from what other readers have said. Many readers use different methods, and therefore get different information. Also, be aware that there are a MULTITUDE of POTENTIAL outcomes in any situation in life, and some readers will zero in on one specific one, and others will see them all. This does not mean they are a "Bad" reader; they just are given the information that their sources feel you need to hear at that moment.

4- Reading is the OPPOSITE of what the reader said would previously happen. Again, situations do CHANGE. If a reader told you that you would get a job in say, NY, and you decided a month LATER, never having considered it at all before, to move to say, CA, the former prediction would no longer apply. YOUR choice of moving makes the prediction invalid, and since you had not even thought of moving at the time of the reading, a reader would not have seen this coming, since it is YOU who changed the situation.

5- Reader asked "too many" questions. I know that there are those who expect what you see on TV, a person who just "knows" things and tells you shocking truths. This does indeed happen, as my clients can attest to, but those of us who are clairvoyant and empathic will sometimes need to ask about what we are seeing or feeling in order to clarify what it is we are getting, since after all, it is YOUR life, not ours, so feeling anger strongly, or seeing a man with another woman, we might need to know if he is married, or angry with you, just to be sure we are properly connecting with your question.

Now, finally... One more thing. A word about the "Free Minute" systems on the net... NO ONE can give you a GOOD reading in 3 minutes. So it is TRULY NOT FAIR to decide after this little amount of time, that you did not get an accurate reading. That would be like giving your doctor 3 minutes to run tests and tell you exactly what was wrong, without you providing him with your symptoms. Would that be something you would do? I certainly hope not, because you might end up really sick from the practice. :)

So folks, that's my take on the subject.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

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