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How to Get the Most from Your First Psychic Reading

Your very first psychic reading; what should you expect? Jules Kennedy, a professional psychic, author and life coach offers you these preparatory tips for a more interesting encounter in your first consultation with a psychic.

Good, professional psychics can tell you many things about yourself, your life and the situation around you; past, present and future. Be prepared with a list of questions when you ask for a reading, so as not to waste your time and money and the psychic's time and energy. Remember the psychics that do the readings for the public are as human as you are, they have lives and bodies that require attention. Indeed, psychics have talents beyond this sense-felt world that we normally perceive, but they are not beyond human fault. They do make mistakes. Energy/information can be misread or skewed in interpretation, due to a psychic’s interpretation or also to the fluctuation within experience itself, especially factors like human free will and divine timing. Most psychic readers are devoted to their work however, and do a lot of development work in order to deliver more accurate information to you.

Psychic Reading Tips

Good psychic readers will answer your questions directly and as concisely as they can, but in defense of all psychics there are many “probable” futures in any one person’s life — not just one. Certainly there are things that are destined in your lifetime, but the path to getting there can be altered by many things, mostly by YOU. The mind brings experiences to us. Thought does create reality. However there are many influences behind your thought such as emotion, attachment, obsession, psychic ties and release thereof, and most importantly your personal relationship with the Higher Power. In other words: God-connectedness - faith, belief, knowing and co-Creation.

What should you expect from a psychic's reading?

The best frame of mind to be in when you are having a reading is a meditative, receptive, open state. Having a sincere, non-judgmental composure will help you assimilate and discern the information given to you. Never take anything told to you verbatim unless it feels right. Throw out anything that does not seem as if it is meant for you. Indeed, there are charlatans posing as psychics in the psychic business (just as there are in most professions) but there are also many very excellent psychics. You decide which information to take further and ponder. The psychics should simply be giving you the information that they receives clairvoyantly (higher vision), clairsentiently (information felt though the body), clairaudiently (voices, audible information), through divination tools (tarot, runes, tea leaves, palm) or via any psychically intuitive means. Sometime readers will “read” off of your fears and doubt. You are the ultimate co-creator in your life. We all choose whether to live through fear or joy, anger or bliss, sadness or happiness. The decision of how to perceive your life is internal and up to you. If you experiencing extreme fear or guilt it might be best to wait for the severity of that emotion to subside before you ask for psychic advice. Good psychics can usually move beyond the emotionality and get to the clearest information anyway, but why take the chance? Why not get the most for your dollars and wait for that clear space before you get the psychic advice?

Psychic readers will give you information based on:

  1. fact (what actually happened, is happening or could happen),
  2. your state of mind/heart/being, and
  3. probably some speculation or guess work.

We all have the ability to alter our experiences (information foretold) by the power of free will. You can change your reality some by using your free will. You can also align your life with your God-given soul purpose by the use of free will. Other people in your life can alter details of your experience too through the power of their own free will option. You however, are the only one that can live your life to its fullest. You may choose to enhance your life by having a little extra “seeing power” offered to you by professional psychic readers from time to time. If this is what you want, a bit of additional foresight, then a reading with a psychic may be just what you need.

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