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Psychic Readings by DZ

by DZ
(United States)

Psychic Readings by DZ

Psychic Readings by DZ

I have been a mentor and counselor formally and informally since my early twenties. While at college, because of my place in an honors program, many came to me for academic help. Also being elected class president, student senate president, fraternity president and other honorifics, I was well known and respected. This brought people to me for personal advice, and I did not realize it then, but solutions seemed to come to me spontaneously and to the point. My time and efforts were given humbly and freely. I really did not know about being Clairvoyant, an Empath, etc., until further reflection down the road. That was the start of a life-long pursuit of truth and succor to others in need. The fulfillment that has brought me is beyond words. Beyond explanation. During these years I have also developed methods that will help eliminate depression, stress, anxiety, and other personal problems associated with the subconscious mind. These methods have worked over and over again - relief is just a click away.

If you feel you have Psychic gifts and want to develop them - come see me. I will mentor you in any spiritual arena. Please contact me so that we can arrange a scheduled session. My fifty plus years as a counselor - formally and informally - prepares me to bring out the full potential in you. Why put it off? I guarantee any realization of your gifts and abilities will so greatly enhance your life experience, you just will not believe it. These senses should not be allowed to lie fallow.

During my adult life, I was an owner, corporate officer, CEO, and other stations of distinction in 14 states in the US. and Canada, a total of over 50 positions. This experience gives me skills well beyond the average reader in business and business-related matters. You will find my guidance both sensible and practical. A one to one with me should bring clarity to you in a very short time, and, best of all, tailored to your specific needs.

I am a Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, and Empath, natural born, as well as a born natural Intuitive. My gifts and abilities came at an early age - although full realization of this came later. Life was moving at such a fast pace in those formative years that there was no time for reflection and analysis of Spiritual Fitness and well-being, although there were plenty of indications they were there.

Please come see me and find respite and resolution for yourself.

Readings are offered by phone or Skype (if you so desire a face-to-face reading).

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